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Go a little bit deeper into the Welcome Corner with blog posts. Learn how to get started in SAP Community and get tips on maximizing your participation.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

You want helpful content? We have helpful content.

You want to talk to the experts? We have no shortage of those.

You want to have some fun? Yep, you've come to the right place.

No matter what you need to do your job better or to network (or to maintain your sanity), the new SAP community will likely have it.

Although…none of that means anything if you can't find what you're looking for.

Good thing we have that covered as well.

The new community platform will include several new solutions -- and several options for finding the content that you want. You'll have easier access to helpful information, new ways to interact with peers, and great guidance for getting the most out of the community.

We're even throwing in an area where you can unwind.

Here are the main methods for searching for, going to, and keeping track of what the new community platform has to offer.

  • Navigation: The community will be part of SAP.com (not a separate site) -- so it will be part of universal and consistent navigation. You can learn more about navigation on this beta resource page and in this Tip in a Minute video.
  • Community topic pages: Selecting Browse the Community from the navigation will take you to a page listing the rich repository of community content -- all tied to primary tags. You can easily sort and select the topic pages that interest you most. You can learn more on this resource page.
  • Followed activities/notifications: As explained in some of the bullets below, you can follow content (e.g., blogs and questions), tags, and people. When you do, you'll find updates via your profile. You can learn more on this resource page.
  • Tags: Content within the community (such as blogs and questions) requires a primary tag -- tied to an important topic, product, industry, or event. When you click a primary tag, you have the option to follow it -- so you'll know when new content has been added with this tag. You can learn more on this resource page.
  • Members: When you search for a user (or click on the corresponding link for his name), you'll be able to go to his profile page, follow him, and get updates whenever he posts something. You can learn more on this resource page.
  • Community landing page (overview page): This page will feature all of the latest and greatest content, such as new blogs, questions and answers, and a profile of the Member of the Month.
  • Blogs: All new blogs will appear on this page, and searching and filter functions will allow you to pinpoint the posts that interest you.
  • Q&A: The page for questions and answers will give you the option to sort in a variety of ways -- such as by latest or most popular questions. Search functionality on the page can help you find specific questions and answers quickly.
  • Archive: If you can't find what you need in the areas above, you might want to check the archive page. The archive will include some of the more popular content from the SAP Community Network (SCN).
  • Search: As part of SAP.com, the community will now be part of the site search -- so this search will return all relevant community content (along with content from the rest of the SAP.com site).
  • Coffee Corner: In this section of the community, you'll be able to search for (plus participate in and start) discussions that aren't tied to specific tags -- making it the perfect place for fun conversations about work and other topics (within reason!).
  • About the Community: This page contains all of the information you need to know about the community experience -- including etiquette, tips for building your reputation and connecting to experts, and details about publishing and finding content.

To test out all of these options yourself, please visit the community's open beta site. And let us know what you think! As you may have picked up, we want the community to give you what you need. If we aren't doing that, we aren't doing something right.