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I believe that Enterprise Social Networks will gain more and more importance over time. Either ERP software may see, in the future, a social layer as a fundamental building block.

But this is the future.

At the present time, there is a wide offering of Enterprise Social Products, SAP among them. But, if you look at whitepapers, webinars and other promotional material, the common theme is "how to get engagement". Yes, because a Social Networks left "alone", struggles to gain attention and to engage users in content creation.

(This is a reason because I imagine an increasingly strong integration of ERP with Social).

The real step forward will happen when all the interaction among users (within the Company borders) and with people outside the Company, will happen across the Social layer. Examples? Mail.

I have been impressed by the increasing commercial activity of Microsoft, that is increasingly competing with Google on a new generation of Office/Collaboration cloud-based platforms. More details on my last public blog.

In my view, this competition will shift when one of the two will "revert the order", pushing it's Social layer at the center of the offering.

By now, in my role of IT management, I look at what happens... :cool:

What about you?

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