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One of the most requested SAP Community features is now available! You can now receive email notifications about certain SAP Community updates. You can also control the different types of emails notifications available. To modify your email notification settings, go to the manage page found in your universal avatar drop-down.

Once on the Account Settings page, click Edit Email Notification Settings to view the separate types of email notifications that are available for subscription (please refresh the page if you see an error). Initially, you will not have any subscriptions, so you'll need to select the categories that interest you. You can always unsubscribe later if you wish.

As an example, in the following screenshot, you can see that I am currently NOT subscribed to receive email notifications for ‘Moderation events’ and ‘Blogger level changes’.

Just as you receive alerts in the community for the notification types listed in my Use Notifications Like a Boss post, you can receive the same types of notifications directly via email based on your subscriptions, as follows:

  • Blogger level changes: If you're new to blogging within the SAP Community, you can monitor via email when you move from the Subscriber level to the Contributor level, and from the Contributor level to Author level. (You can learn more about these levels on the Blogs page in the About the Community section.)

  • New direct messages: If someone sends you a direct message, this subscription will ensure that you receive an email alert notifying you. The email will contain all or part of the message, depending on length.

  • Moderation events: Through this subscription, you'll receive an email notification when a moderator publishes your content, when a moderator alerts you that your blog post requires more work, and whenever any action occurs with a moderation alert relevant to you.

  • New followers: If you choose this subscription, you'll receive an email notification whenever a community member follows you

  • Comments and answers on my posts: If you choose this subscription, you'll receive an email notification whenever someone replies to your blog posts, questions, discussions, and comments -- as well as when someone answers your questions. These are the most frequent types of notifications, and two examples of the corresponding email notifications appear below.

  • Content I was mentioned in: If you are mentioned by anyone on SAP Community, you will receive an email notification with links to where you were mentioned. [updated: 4/17/17]

  • New blogs in tags I follow: If you want to receive an email notification whenever a new blog post is published in a primary tag that you are following, subscribe to this category [updated: 4/17/17]

  • New questions in tags I follow: If you choose this subscription, you'll receive an email notification whenever someone asks a new question in a primary tag you are following [updated: 4/17/17]

Email notification for new comments published on any of user’s posts (blog, question, discussion, comment):


Email notification for new answer published on user’s own questions:


These email notifications will contain the following relevant information for such updates:

  • Title of main question or blog

  • Link to respective primary tag

  • Link to comment or answer

  • Text preview of where comment was published

  • Link to user who published the comment or answer

  • Link to full discussion (redirects to question or blog title)

  • Link to all SAP Community Notifications

  • Text preview of what comment was published

All emails will convey what type of notification you're receiving -- such as a comment or answer. Where appropriate (for comments, answers, and direct messages, for example), the email will include a short text preview. This text will give you enough information to help you decide if you wish to click to go directly to SAP Community to see the full discussion.

As noted earlier, we can only provide email notifications for activities that currently provide notifications in the SAP Community. (Again, this list of notification types appears in Use Notifications Like a Boss.) As a result, we realize that this new functionality doesn't fulfill all of the requests from Idea Place -- notably the ability to receive email notifications whenever a new blog or question is posted using a primary tag that you follow. Since the system doesn't currently provide these types of notifications within the SAP Community itself, we could not deliver these notifications via email either. With future releases, however, we will expand the options for email notifications.

UPDATE (4.17.2017):

Tip in a Minute video explaining how to configure Email Notifications on SAP Community:

UPDATE (12.07.2017):

Added new categories of email notifications now available