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The day of 23rd October 2019 started with Early Talents from Mumbai location traveling to Pune for the Early Talent Summit. They carried so much ecstasy! It was finally the day when Early Talent Summit was happening cross locations in Pune and Gurgaon. There were 3 participants from Mumbai and the rest 25 awaited in Pune. Soon after the Mumbai folks arrived at Pune Campus, grabbing a cup of coffee, we commenced the Summit.

With a grand Good Morning, we began our first activity, the Ice Breaker Session. All Early Talents were given a sheet listing 20 odd actions and they were to go around, find people who have done those activities and get their signatures below. This event helped them to interact, understand different choices and realize how everyone was so different from everyone else. This was the perfect example to kick start the Summit with our theme “Infinite Me” with infinite things done by diverse people yet inclusive in a workplace.

Following the Ice breaker, a kick-off session was delivered by Paresh Rathod, Site Lead and Director of HANA Database Engineering, Pune. There he threw light on the Diversity and Inclusion pillars of SAP. He explained how SAP embraces differences, be it gender, generations, cultures, differently-abled people and communities. His statement “Think Equal. Be Equal” elucidated the need for diverse thoughts of individuals in our workspace. Paresh’s session was also comprised of a small activity “Draw as they say”.

All the participants were coupled, one was given a drawing and another with a blank paper and pen. The person with a picture had to illustrate the diagram without speaking it directly but giving different clues and the other had to draw. The key takeaway from this activity was the importance to teamwork, deep rooted understanding among team members and creative ways one could simplify the problem statements to get the work done.

Post lunch, we moved to our next activity “Trust your Team”. All ETs were divided into teams of 7. Then, each team lined up in a queue and all other teammates were blindfolded except the last one. A person standing first was given an object and the last person was supposed to guide his/her team to the goal where the first will drop the object. The key learning of this event was planning and collaboration among the team members. It was great to see the different ideas every team collated to finish the task as soon as possible.

With that, we turned towards the last activity “Story Train”. A person from the team must enact a real-life situation without any verbal communication. The rest of the team members will have to understand what the first person communicates and must join him/her on stage to enact a living or non-living thing that suits the theme. This activity emphasized vision and creativity each team member brings to add meaning and purpose to the task laid out by the first person, and it empowers the team to deal effectively.

With 28 Early Talents coming together for the Summit, everyone left with goodies and a great memory for the day. “Great Event.. Enjoyed a Lot!”, “The activities were real fun..”, “Wish we have more Sessions in Future!”, “Got to know everyone even more! The activities were fun too!” were some of the testimonials from the attendees.

Special Thanks to Anita Waghware and Sruthi M for their help in making this Summit a success!!

- Shachi Chaugule