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Two days back,I have seen an important announcement in SAP Blog, that SAP offered Free Global Certification campaigning and I have missed this very very important announcement.


I was wondering, I was disappointed & I was upset too

Because I have missed the deadline.:(

I was thinking biting my nails & asking myself how did I miss this life opportunity.

I realized my mistakes. Whenever I saw any useful blog or topic, I started following the same, but that was not enough to get right information at right time.

I had never turn on Inbox or Email notification on New blog posts in tags I follow. Most of the people think that turn on email notification may be junk mail box. But think this one email notification could you right information at right time.

I am sure there are many SAP consultant like me how wanted to do Global Certification on S/4 HANA, perhaps missed this opportunity.

How to get Email notification:

Login to your SAP profile.(https://accounts.sap.com)

Go to Account & Settings Tab,

Under that Click on Communications (communications)

Here you will find Inbox and Email notification turn on option against New blog posts in tags I follow

Note: As per default SAP profile settings, this will not turn on mode.

You must follow topics first to get a update notification on that.

I hope this information will be helpful to many SAP community followers.