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Some of you may already have heard that there is a (not so) friendly competition going on, between me and my fellow ASUG volunteer and SAPMentor greg.myers3.  I'd like to clarify a few things, in case you've been following along - or fill you in, in case you have not.

This whole purpose of this challenge is raise money for Doctors Without Borders(MSF) - and you can read about the community 'missions' here (by marilyn.pratt) orhere(the SAP Community Challenge page) - where we try to make the goal of raising funds for MSF more fun by encouraging the community to set their own goals and challenges.

You could even (if you have the stomach for his shameless self-promotion) go on over here, to greg.myers3 blog which is in response to my challenge. 

But let me be perfectly clear, none of this is about whether Greg writes better blogs or tweets than I do, or whether my dog is cuter than his.

This is real, people.  About REAL PEOPLE.  All the news these days?  Absolutely horrifying, no matter where you stand.  And that's the beauty about what Doctors Without Borders does - no matter who you are, what you say or do, no matter who you believe in - they will come and try to give medical care.

If you just look at some of the countries where MSF is active, you can see that not only do they go to help people who are victims of armed conflicts, but they also go to provide vaccinations, relief from natural disasters, health care in the midst of epidemics.

Of course we all have our own opinions, and we should. If you are supporting another charity, I applaud you. 
I just didn't want the real cause of the #sapcc (SAP Community Challenge) to get lost among trading barbs with Greg and others.

We are doing this to raise funds.  To provide medical assistance.  To people who need it.

And if you think my dog is cuter than Greg's?  OK, so points to me then.  🙂

Here's the most important thing you'll see from me today: SCN Community Fundraiser.