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So what is the state of the community as I - totally unscientifically see it today?  Are we really sinking still?!  Are people running not walking away?

So my thoughts...

We are swimming:

Now take a look at the blog series for badges by oddss .  Many people are starting to come on board the ship and are contributing in some way.  So that means we are gaining ground.   We must have a great ship - SAP Community - to be riding on.

Take a look at the front page.  All looks good from there too.  Many members, Unique vistors, question asked, and blog posts.

Take a look at the Technology Ambassadors.  They are all amazing and they are still here.

Take a look at the marketing blogs.  They have gone down considerably.  Some will say they are non-existent.  Me I still see a few here and there.

Take a look at some of the blog series.  There was a recent one about ABAP testing. I'm not link those, you'll find quite a few.  That generated a lot of comments.  And a lot of them were generated from Open SAP.  Free training.

Take a look at questions and answers.  MOST of the questions are getting answers or comments for more information.

I'm missing some of the really cool stuff too  - like the tutorials that are available.

We are sinking:

Take a quick look at coffee corner.  You will find that some awesome people are "leaving".  I doubt they can completely stay away.  So that means we are sinking right?  I mean if they don't feel comfortable here, then there are many reasons to leave.

Take a quick look at the non-teched blogs.  Are there any about non-hana type things?  Anything about something that isn't new?  If you are hungry for new/old technology you can dig up some on CDS.  If you are on-premise and not on the cloud, you can find information on how to use the on-cloud blogs.  There are some non-technical type blogs.  Honestly I find myself bookmarking more than using the blogs.  See above.  I think there is a lot less usable information for the lower versions of SAP.

Our questions have gone downhill - they aren't technical enough.  <Sigh>  I fit in that category.  I'm always learning and at times my questions are a repeat.  So have they gone downhill?  BTW - Remember above most of them get answered so feel free to ask.

Our blogs have gone downhill...  Well I just flat out don't believe that statement.  I've been reading a lot of them.  To me there seems to be less blogs.  However, there is more of a variety.

I'm sure there are some things I've missed here, too!

So Sinking or Swimming?

Can I say it depends? You hear that a lot around SAP.  It depends what version of SAP you are on.  It depends on your skill level.  It depends on your ability to ignore the platform issues.

In my optimistic view we are starting to doggy paddle (The most basic form of swimming).  I don't think we are sinking anymore.  There are so many great initiatives going on.   I do think we have more to do.  Yes, yes, the technical fixing of the platform.  (I've heard about that before)  But other than that, I think we are leaving people working on any non-cloud version of SAP behind.  I do think we are gaining people that are using different languages than ABAP.    NOTICE - I said WE.  That's you and me too.  We are a community.

And yes, some days I think we are sinking.  Then I slap myself and say OK, we are sinking what can I do to help?  On my bad days - I say nothing.  On my good days - I try to think of something.

Your Thoughts, Please

So SAP Community - is it sinking, swimming or something in between?  What do you think?