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Yesterday the meeting started with reviewing the draft ASUG Annual Conference schedule:

Source: ASUG

Kara Hughes, ASUG, facilitated the event, reviewing schedule conflicts and any topic tagging issues. Fortunately there were several pairs of eyes in the room to flag down potential issues.  From my side a big thanks to our SAP Points of contact ingo.hilgefort and peter.mcnulty for attending and helping resolve issues.


Kate Ebaugh, ASUG Volunteer Services, kicked off the start of the keynote, saying this year we would have tools to increase engagement

Then ASUG CEO Geoff Scott spoke. He said it was the 5th year that he has addressed ASUG volunteers

He said he was excited about next 5 years, sees a tremendous amount of opportunity and says everything we do starts with us, including chapter meetings, SIGS Webcast and influence

Geoff thanked the volunteers and encouraged us to “reach higher and farther”

He made the following points:

  • “The state of ASUG is as strong as it has ever been”

  • “Financially strong”

  • Resources to innovate

  • Membership is growing

  • Added 300 members, renewals at 90%

  • See increases in webcasts - 40% in 2018

He also said there has been growing attendance at events, including 3 to 5% events at SAPPHIRE/ASUG Annual Conference

The ASUG Netpromoter score is strong - how we do is relevant to customer base, valuable, a trusted resource

While we "do amazingly good work", it's not perfect, and we have a voice, thought, how do things better

The meeting this weekend is how be a better community and bring value to everything, "build a best user community" and ASUG has been building a user community over 27 years


Start with why https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Start_With_Why

Why do it,

Why for ASUG

Why is ASUG

Some audience replies to why:

  • End users

  • Education

  • Community

  • Connections

  • Voice of customer

This is reflected in the ASUG mission, "Here as a community to help people and organizations get the most value out of SAP"

ASUG helps the "how to implement technology for organization" and keep investment current - listening to others, SIG, chapter meetings webcasts, and help colleagues and organizations adopt and succeed with this technology. When we connect with members, we help everyone succeed. The investment starts with us; ASUG is here to help responsibility less overwhelming. ASUG has the “Best of the best customers of SAP”.

ASUG has “stood test of time”; “Thrived, successful for last 27 years”


The internet went mainstream in the year 2000 with AOL. Mobile computing reality occurred in 2007 with iPhone and Android in 2008

Everyone has heard of the success of Google, Amazon, Uber, Netflix innovation

Amazon purchased Whole Foods, a bricks and mortar grocery for $15B for its distribution network, supply chains and how offers Amazon Go; there are 3 in Chicago - walk in Amazon Go, place phone on turnstile - no cashiers. Pull off shelf purchases, walk out of store and the phone gives you receipt. He said this is a “Game changer”


Customers are having relationships they haven’t had before, change customer org dynamic. We need "customers touching application"

SAP closed Qualtrics deal recently; we "live in a different world". Why Qualtrics matter? Customer experience matters, technology matters, how engage with customers in future

Qualtrics is the 2nd most expensive acquisition - after Concur

We will hear about it at ASUG Annual Conference; it is a “Game changer”

Think about future of ASUG, in terms of internet connected, always mobile, SAP enabled world and changes ASUG with B2B, B2C B2M - a "Teutonic shift:

As ASUG we must recognize and figure out how to help members embrace and succeed

IDC says 89% of our organizations have a plan to adopt a digital first strategy

ASUG state of community survey - where we need to go in 2019

68% of time is spent keeping the lights on

32% of time is spent innovating

We need to start to help organizations “how move innovation needle” - make SAP technology simpler and less time managing it

68% needs to go down by half

Need to help our community do a better job with innovation

How - survey gives hint

Members want us to provide more training and education - doubled from last year

Chapter meetings are training events

State of S/4HANA Adoption

Source: ASUG

42% of all asug.com searches were on S/4HANA

Source: ASUG

Above shows survey results on S/4HANA. At 16% we have a "call to action"

Cannot meet future customer expectations on aging technology; How old are your phones? How old are your SAP implementations?

The "What" is how to help 56% to move

It is not about technical training

Inspire them on technology transformation - , business cases

"Why, how, what"

We can move contents - events, webcasts emails not limited by how’s

What’s - ASUG - S/4 how engage customers

Challenge us “best volunteer community” globally

How incorporate into content that engages our members and customers

Adopt and use languages - members are customers

How position knowledge and strength - get to chapter meeting, spend time in webcasts to better understand and engage technology and investment

See how SIG webcasts events better chapter participation and vice and versa - should be linked

Challenge is to create an inviting experience for members to succeed and get the most of investment of SAP, with opportunity ahead for potential

"Create best user community on planet" and "Why, what, how is clear, not easy" "See road ahead" with the power of user group community

Come on journey with ASUG to help community succeed with SAP

Build best technology community


ASUG honored "legacy" volunteers. Darren Hites, ASUG Chapter KY - passed away earlier this year. ASUG also honored retired volunteers including Sandy Hewitt, ASUG Ontario Chapter and ASUG BITI volunteer 02697040d5824f4a9d8fb38b1a40074f :

Jim Spath is pictured with Kaela Altman, ASUG.

Kaela said Jim helped her with Jive and helped foster accountability better collaborator

New volunteer of year award went to Liesl Barnardt of ASUG Salt Lake City Chapter. Carl Dunlap of PLM won SIG Volunteer award. Chris Swift of ASUG Carolinas chapter won the chapter volunteer award. John Krakowski, SAP, won the SAP point of contact award. Congratulations.


Last year's notes are here