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Following atrzaska21 's blog about the SAP Community Talent Show, here is my entry about crocheting - something I try to do everyday:

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away - not, just in Kansas) my sister showed me how to crochet.  I would spend my summers off crocheting afghans, and Christmas holidays crocheting ornaments:

Here's a picture of the afghan I showed in the video:


Here's the afghan I patterned (or tried to pattern) after the Roseanne show couch afghan:

It seems like everyday I am crocheting rows for a scarf too - I like the feel of the yarn I am showing here:


I hadn't learned to crochet hats until I was an adult, when I volunteered at the local library and checked out a "how to crochet" DVD:

This is my preferred hat in the winter time.


For more details please also see Vinnie Mirchandani's blog about my crochet habit here.

I'm looking forward to seeing other SAP Community Talent show entries.