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SCN changed, everybody can see that. Something I think we oversee are the small changes that are still coming to SCN. For instance, I just noticed that SCN is rolling out new features (if it was there from the start, apologies):

I can see now the contributor badge under the image of the user. As this is actually the same feature we had in the "old" SCN, something changed too and I hope it won't come back soon: I cannot see the actual points of the user that posted the question / answer. I don't know if its his first post or he is close to gain the bronze badge. The stats are also gone: no more 250 posts and 0 points "discrimination".

I know only hope that others won't stop posting answers to a user with no badge visible, thinking that the user is not rewarding answers. Because that is not what contributing at SCN is about. For me. it's about the content. And if someone with 0pts and 300 questions asks a good question, why not answer it?