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Consolidate badges, reputation points when linking profiles

The following LinkedIn post reminded me of the long standing problem with SAP Community profiles.

The problem is that you can not consolidate your badges or reputation points while linking profiles. The #profile_linking reads:
Linking does not combine the profiles in any way or consolidate the content list or the reputation

That is a huge problem, especially for the most active SAP Community contributors as they are going to lose all their reputation points and badges when changing jobs and can not access their S-users anymore.

The problems is well described by annehustis in the blog This might be my last post on the SAP Community Network!

I do not agree with losing such highly experienced contributors over a minor technical limitation that is easy to fix. Therefore I have opened an improvement proposal to get it finally resolved:

Consolidate badges, reputation points when linking profiles

Please follow the link and vote on the proposal as this is one sure way to show SAP the importance of the problem.

EDIT: SAP has already accepted the proposal. That was really swift. Voting is still open.