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If you're relatively new to the SAP Community and you plan on being an active contributor, then my recommendation would be to register an account with a personal email address which would then generate a P-User (public user).

"Trying to move from chaos to order..."

Unfortunately I've got myself into a bit of a pickle with sporadic posting over the years using various company based s-users (which the company owns as the s-user is linked to their customer number) as well as personal users that are linked to company email addresses, these become hard to use once you've left the company and it requires a password reset or sends a confirmation email. This combined with changing jobs every 3 to 5 years has resulted in chaos. 

The community profile page does allow you to link various profiles together, but when you do the linking it asks you to logon, this can be problematic if the password requires reset and is linked to ex-company email.

The SAP Community support team have tried to help me "..put Humpty Dumpty back together again.." but at this stage even I don't know how many users I have out there so I've decided to go clean slate.

So my advice is:

  1. Post on SAP community with a public user linked to personal email (this will always be yours)

  2. Only use a customer S-User for logging tickets with SAP (this is linked to their customer number)

  3. If you get personal S-Users (for e.g. from certification), try link them to a personal email address and not a company email in case you move on

Good luck and happy posting!