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Community Manager
Community Manager
This release includes some bug fixes, as usual, but also some first improvements in the Activity Stream and the Notification Inbox. More improvements are planned to roll out by the end of January. The features released today, as listed in the SAP Community release notes, include:

  • Activity Stream Improvements:
    In this release, we took steps to “tighten up” the activity stream and reduce some white space. We reduced the avatar size, removed the icon that appeared in front of the content link, reduced the size of the author’s name while increasing the size of the content link, and moved the date/time to the top of the item. (We have plans to reduce the number of preview lines displayed, but that did not make it into this release yet.)We also added the Actions menu to this page, so that you can now also write a blog, ask a question, or start a discussion from here.


  • Notification Inbox:
    In the Notification Inbox, we implemented some of the same changes that we implemented in the Activities, namely reduce the avatar size and tightened up the white space.We also added a "Mark All Read" button.

These features join the other developments delivered to date. To learn more about all recent releases, see the Release Notes in the Community Wiki.

As always, we plan and prioritize new features and bug fixes based on your input. So keep your suggestions coming!  Simply follow the instructions on the Reporting Bugs and Providing Feedback After Go Live page and we’ll continue to build a better SAP Community experience together.

Audrey Stevenson
SAP Community Experience