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Let's discuss the following scenario:

I am a consultant for SAP BPC and I want to read discussions on this product in SAP Community. Later I will ask my questions, but first I need to read.

I am going to www.sap.com and look on the menu.​ Trying to find the subject of interest:

Looks like I have to press "All Content"

In the search I have to enter the part of official product name, not "BPC" or "BPC NW"...

Now I click on SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

After some delay I will see general tag page with a combined list of questions and blogs:

I can select only questions using filter but the list is not really useful. It's sorted by creation date/time and no info about answers.

I can open questions:

And if I go back using browser button I will see the again the tag list (for sure with the same delay).

The idea to click on this link:

is not obvious!

And a lot of users are not working with the Q&A tag list:

To my mind the general tag page has to be redesigned to provide direct links to Q&A Tag list and to Blog Tag list (may be instead of filter). Something like: