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So it's the 4th Monday of January, following this blog and it is time to recognize some rock star community managers here on the SAP Community.  I am grateful for their work, the collaboration, actively listening to the community, and help/support.

First up is oddss .  Audrey is pictured left - source: blog.  Audrey has worked long and hard for the SAP Community, starting with the old BPX community, then gamification, reputation and she is starting another project too (she should share that herself).  See Audrey on this 2013 SAP TechEd Las Vegas video: The Impact of Gamification on SAP Community Network and its Reputation Program, 2013 Las Vegas

For me, she has become like the new "Marilyn Pratt". For those who remember, Marilyn was like the "God Mother" of the SAP Community and to me Audrey has been her replacement. Audrey seems to know when I don't feel right about something in the community and has a way of reaching out to me to help me understand the situation.

She has taken the time to ensure I receive the "community ribbons" at events like SAP TechEd. I worked with her recently on Hey Look! It's Both of the Tammys Together! 

I also worked with her and Caroleigh on Don't Mention it...Oh Wait, Do! 

So thank you, Audrey. And thank you for finding me at events to give me this:

Caroleigh Deneen - source: SAP.com

Next is caroleigh.deneen .   I haven't met Caroleigh face to face but I've been on several phone calls with her. She is always super-pleasant, inclusive, and takes the time to understand and listen. She is the "face" behind the Community Appreciation Awards - and Missions Timeout Not Game Over.

See Caroleigh in this Community Appreciation Awards video:

She is also featured in this SAP Career story

She has handled a few sensitive situations here on the platform that I can't explain but for this she receives my gratitude.

So as Rachel Happe, co-founder of the Community Roundtabe says "If you have a particular community manager in mind, spend a few minutes today to say thank you..."

So thank you both Caroleigh and Audrey

Is there a Community Manager you want to thank today?


Community Manager Appreciation Day