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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In case you missed the SAP Community Call on Oct 9 with daniel.wroblewski, he shared the latest announcements about the new SAP Developer Tutorials available in the redesigned SAP Developer Center. You can also watch the replay and read his post for more info.

I'd like to follow-up on a couple of questions or topics that attendees brought up during the all, including:

  • What's the difference between Developer tutorials and the courses offered in openSAP?

  • What about SAP certification? Will users who complete these tutorials receive certification?

For answers to these questions, I turned to jim.jaquet, head of our Digital & Web team for SAP Developer and Community Relations:

"The developer tutorials include introductions to SAP products and technology (typically used in conjunction with a trial capability) and are linked together in a series which might take 45 min to 3 hours to complete. Many are in short “groups” (45 min range) that focus on some particular feature or capability.

openSAP is a more formal course and is a logical next step for users who complete the available tutorials on a given topic, but some do refer to our tutorials as part of the course content.

You could think of a progression like:

Tutorials -> openSAP -> Learning Hub (for formal certifications)"

I hope this clears things up for our community members, and I hope you'll check out the developer tutorials soon.


To learn more about openSAP, don't missed the upcoming SAP Community Call on Nov 26, where you'll hear directly from the openSAP team about what they have to offer as well as what new course will be introduced in the near future.