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Today marks the 6th Annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), a time for honoring those who work diligently and daily to help our members learn and grow.

Our great moderators are among those who deserve special recognition today. They guide, teach, support, and at times gently admonish in order to help this community develop. Through the efforts of moderators, members make connections and gain expertise. As a result, moderators can also groom the next generation of SAP Community members who can step up and contribute selflessly.

Our moderators earned even deeper gratitude this year. Making the move from SCN to the new community platform back in October came with complications such as bugs and lost features, and it created an entirely different environment requiring serious adjustment from members. Facing the challenges of this transition, our moderators worked tirelessly to support our community. They provided (and continue to supply) useful feedback to drive improvements, while at the same time advising members how to get the most out of the new platform. The saying ‘it takes a village’ is certainly true, and for a community the size of ours, we would be lost without those who have officially donned the moderator M icon. (As an aside, we salute a moderator every quarter in our Moderator Spotlight so please be sure to read about some of those stars.)

Not every community manager carries an M, so I'd also like to thank those who clearly care for this community deeply. Whether they enable quality content by creating moderator alerts or assist others with suggestions, these members volunteer their time and fulfill important roles within the community. They include Members of the Month and SAP Mentors, but they also include unsung heroes who give just because they want to make the community better. And they do.

Finally, I can't let the day end without taking a moment to acknowledge our own SAP Community Experience team: Audrey Stevenson, Ingolf Bayer, Brian Bernard, Jamie Cantrell, Mynyna Chau, Caroleigh Deneen, Jerry Janda, Catherine LaCroix, Dedi Metser, Moshe Naveh, Sajid Amir, and Yael Tal. They work unflaggingly behind the scenes and also on the front lines reacting to community frustration, gathering input, and sharing progress about how the platform is changing. Today is a day we can all pause to express gratitude for their passion and care of this community. Thank you!

Without so many giving so much to the community, we wouldn't have much of a community at all. So please join me in raising a virtual glass and toast our SAP Community managers!