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I can't believe it is the end of 2015 already.  When we had our project kickoff in February, I remember thinking that this year was going to go by fast, and it really has.

We made a lot of progress with the project, including:

  • Establishing a beta blogging area and opening it to our newly formed Strategy Advisory Council
  • Starting a moderation system and tying it to blogging with our custom aggregator
  • Getting a first glimpse of SAP Questions & Answers in QA
  • Seeing the beginnings of a new Universal Profile that will eventually be available on all SAP digital properties
  • Providing a metadata schema that aligns with corporate metadata to bring consistency to all SAP digital properties in the future
  • Defining migration strategies for all content on our current platform

We just concluded sessions with our development teams and agreed that we will have a demonstrable system in place by SAPPHIRE NOW 2016, which takes place the week of May 16. Shortly after SAPPHIRE we will open the beta system and go live.

To get insight on what the new system will look like, watch this terrific set of demonstrations by tamira.

For ongoing updates, watch for new posts by following krysten.bradley2's document that chronicles all of the project communications. You'll get the latest communications as well as a cool badge for being "In the Know".

And now, I'll close by wishing you all the best of this holiday season by sharing this wonderful illustration from our very own caroleigh.deneen. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, or some other holiday, you must admit that this is very clever. Thank you for sharing, Caroleigh!!!

Have a wonderful rest of 2015, and join us again next year for what promises to be exciting times for the community!

Kind regards,