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At SAP TechEd this year, the Career Corner on SAP Community goes live. Career Corner offers a chance to talk directly to developers, consultants and leaders who know what it’s like to consider and commit to a career path in the SAP ecosystem.

When you join Career Corner on SAP Community, you immediately get access to job opportunities posted by fellow members, advice on different SAP Learning Journeys and certifications and an opportunity to engage and interact.

Why we launched Career Corner on SAP Community

Career Corner on SAP Community is the place where professionals find their path forward in the SAP ecosystem.

We know the SAP ecosystem is vast, with many ways for individuals to navigate a successful career path. With all that opportunity there are inevitable questions:

  • Which certifications should I pursue?

  • What kinds of roles should I explore?

  • Should I pursue a leadership role, or focus on my technical skills?

  • How do I transition my existing skills to new areas of focus?

Career Corner on SAP Community is the place to explore those questions and get advice from experts.

When you enter Career Corner on SAP Community, you will find blog posts authored by your fellow community members and experts, discussion threads where members can ask questions and share advice, and job opportunities posted by other members.

You can read even more about our broader initiatives via the SAP TechEd Press Release and our SAP TechEd News Guide focused on how SAP Provides Equal Access to Opportunity; Pledges to Upskill 2M People Worldwide by 2025. There is also the SAP News Center Article where SAP Pledges to Equip Underrepresented Groups with Digital Skills, Announces Partnership with Coursera to Reach Millions of Learners Worldwide.

Professionals at all levels will find value in Career Corner on SAP Community

On Career Corner, professionals at all levels can research certifications, career paths and individual job opportunities. Students and recent graduates who are beginning to explore, mid-level professionals seeking their next role, and experienced leaders who want to talk one-on-one with their peers can all participate and learn. Depending on what each member needs, Career Corner can be a safe place to ask questions, share advice, or research certifications and other learning opportunities.

Career Corner on SAP Community is a gathering place to network and learn

All over the internet, career content is available in many forms, from advice columns to job postings. The Career Corner on SAP Community is a gathering place. Members of Career Corner have a place to network and learn as individuals to explore potential opportunities in the SAP ecosystem.

We developed Career Corner with individual connections in mind, so that our customers and partners can meet talent where they are and support the continuing development of all career paths within the SAP ecosystem.

Job opportunities will be shared by members of Career Corner on SAP Community

Career Corner on SAP Community is a place for members to interact with real people about real opportunities in the SAP ecosystem. When a member posts a job opportunity, it means they are willing to answer questions about the role and help other members determine whether they are interested in pursuing the role itself, or a career path that could prepare them for similar roles in the future.

Career Corner on SAP Community will only include job opportunities shared by other members of the group. Career Corner is the place to ask questions about what the role is really like, what skills and certifications a candidate will need, and what the work culture at a particular customer or partner firm is like. As a member, you can ask and answer questions on a public discussion thread or connect one-to-one.

When a member shares a job opportunity, they also share the path to get there

Every job opportunity shared on Career Corner on SAP Community must include an explanation of the SAP certifications required or that are beneficial, and a link to the learning journeys that will help you prepare for the role.  When you review different job opportunities and ask questions over time, you may find roles to pursue right away. You may also aspire to certain roles and align your own pursuit of certifications and other learning opportunities to get you there.

You can keep your search for job opportunities private

Discussion threads on Career Corner are designed to be public so that members can learn from one another. However, we know that the pursuit of individual opportunities can be sensitive. There is no need to publicly apply to job opportunities on Career Corner. Instead, members may choose to use the in-tool messaging capabilities to reach out directly to the person sharing the opportunity. In addition, all job opportunities shared will link to the hiring company’s website to apply directly.

It’s easy to join

Create your profile on SAP Community Groups and join the Career Corner!