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We are very excited to announce that SAP is launching a yearly SAP Developer Insight Survey to get a better understanding of the needs, preferences, and experiences of our SAP developer community. We have always been in close contact with you via our advocates, community team,  ambassadors, and champions, etc. and with this survey, we will now be able to get valuable input and feedback from a broader audience.

We want to understand better what SAP products and technologies you are working on right now and what are you planning to use in the future. What challenges are you facing when developing and integrating with SAP products and technologies? What are your preferences for learning/support, and what coding languages do you use today? 

We will leverage the insights we receive from you to prioritize and shape our Developer Relations program and influence future product directions.

If you are a developer and have used or evaluated any SAP products or technologies in the past 36 months, we want to hear from you. The survey will only take about 5-10 minutes

We plan to share anonymized results in 2020 and provide insights about current status, preferences, needs, and suggestions from our SAP developer community. 

The survey is expected to close on December 20th, so please take the survey and help us share it with other SAP Developers in your network.

link to our survey 

We can’t’ wait to hear from you, and thanks in advance for your time and thoughtfulness!