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Update: Summer of '69 was taken down. See further down.

One of the most enjoyable events we ever created was the SAP Jam Band at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas last year.

One evening, once the main program on the show floor was over, we brought out instruments and played some great tunes that everyone can sing and dance to. We had the lyrics on a big screen to make it easy for everyone to join in.

Picture by Ali Samieivafa

What a joy it was.

[Unfortunately Brian Enoch's rendition of Summer of '69 got taken down 😞 Copyright infringement. But it was a parody and a hat tip to Brian Adams at the same time ;-)]

As you can see in this video, it is a forgiving crowd, singing off tune [which was mostly me in the background during this song] is no problem.

Everyone has a good time, is singing dancing, clapping, moving to the music 🙂

The goal of the event is exactly that: after a full day of concentrated learning to relax enjoy some good music, sing and dance.

If you want to be part of this event, please join us at our next SAP Mentor Monday August 5th 1pm PST when we will coordinate our activities and see whether we will be able to get enough momentum to rock in Amsterdam and maybe even in Bangalore too. It all depends on you doing your little part, stepping up to the microphone, sing and make some music. Rock-On!

SAP Connect: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/sapmm +1-720-897-6637,, 378 224 4518# [more dail-in details]

Replay:  https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p87244999/