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Active Contributor
You might or might not have heared of IdeaPlace, here's a nice blog about it:  https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/12/influence-future-new-scn/ 

I have been putting some Ideas into Idea Place during the last days and today felt encouraged to more actively promote them:

I didn't find a link pointing to all my Ideas (there's the link to my IdeaPlace-Profile, but it starts at "Activity" and switching to the tab "Submissions" is done via JavaScript-Voodoo that doesn't change the URL), so I created a search-link on my username instead: https://ideas.sap.com/ct/c_search.bix?a=OD5268&global_search=Search+Idea+Place#Joachim%20Rees;1;idea

In SCN, I would have put this into my status, but we don't have that in SAP Community anymore.
But we do have CoffeeCorner , so thats where I posted it: https://answers.sap.com/articles/32184/status-update-look-at-my-ideas-and-vote-on-them-if.html

Have you published any Ideas, yet or voted on some?