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So it's my turn to play the game 'Passing the baton' (I like that, it's a french word :smile: ).

Thank you susmitha.thomas to give me the opportunity to participate to this relay and thank you moshe.naveh to have create it.

About me:

I'm starting my 16 years working on SAP, I feel like that was yesterday. I remember my first working day : the 3 july 1998, a famous day in France, that was the 1/4 soccer wold cup final France - Italia.

No, I don't like watching soccer on the TV, but when France win on Italia, it's always a pleasure to look that :smile: . (A special dedicate to raymond.giuseppi

:wink: ).

My first job on SAP was to make an 'upgrade' from an old R/2 system to a new R/3 system (3.1i). I remember my first SAP Editor (3.1), I was really surprise by the old school design of this application. You have only 14 lines on the screen, each line were independents : you can't copy/past simply the code like in notepad.

For people who know VI(m) on Unix system, the editor looks like-it. You have a field to pass command, for example to copy a set of lines ..

When I start working, there was no doc about Abap, you could only buy book in specific libraries (2 in Paris), to learn SAP you have to see how SAP works : debug the standard. There was also transaction like AbapDocu, DWDM, SE30 ..  I spend a lot of time looking the Tips & Tricks on the SE30.

After one year learning Abap I would like to work on Optimization, Performance tuning. I see a lot of young abapor going in this way, I don't know why we need to do that.

What I have learn on optimization is very simple : There are no simples rules ! The experience removes your sureness (that's thru for life also).

The  second point is : Someone will (try) to read your code, a day. If your code is too much optimized, this boy or this girl will loose a lot of time on it. And remember why you have optimized the code, to win time for your company --> to win money. And the time loosed to modify your code will cost a lot of money. So you failed ...

I was joining the SDN team on the year 2004, that was a great evolution in the Abapor world: A place to exchange learning, tips & tricks .. The big subject was the ALV, few persons know how it works and a lot of questions were on this subject. I stopped being active on SDN when I joined an end-user company, I have no enough time and I was little annoyed by people whose copy your answer .. (dedicate to matthew.billingham who tried to keep this forum clean)

I really don't understand why some people need to post an answer already given. You could give more information, examples, but ... just copy the same answer ... nonsense ..

After 6 years in a big chemical industry I decided to return to consulting. I think the job is more simple when you are consultant. You work to help people finding solutions on their problems, simply. You have much more time to learn new technics on SAP, and more time to go in SDN.

Me in private :

I'm leaving in France, near to the town of Lyon.

It a nice place for people rides on mountain bike and running. In this part of France there is a lot of cherry tree and raspberry.



When I'm not at work I like DIY, and specially on wood. This is the first stairway I have build in beech.

Thrust me, it's really harder than coding on Solman :wink:

The questions : 

The dream job when I was kid : 

I just want to fly like the movie Top Gun :smile: , but I stop very quickly this dream, I'm Seasickness in plane :neutral:

Who has inspired and motivated the most :

Hugh ... little hard question. I was a Linuxian when I was young, a real addict to the penguin. I was really impress by the job of some teams. For example the Enligthenment team and Mr Rasterman.

What is the most important quality that you hope to find in your colleague that will make your work place a better place?

A very good question, it's really hard to find good Abapor. I think it's like the optimization, I prefer to have people who respect the coding, who write clean code instead of a "geek" coder who like to make inner join with 6 tables and use field-symbols every where :smile:

I would like also to see the blog of :



My questions :

- What would like to find in SCN ? What would you like SCN looks like ? What will you change on SCN ....

- What is your worst coding program ? The program you would like never to modify ... ?

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