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Hello SAP Community,

With this blog post, I wish to announce that I will be starting an active blog post series to share my knowledge with you, the SAP Community! Though I was not nominated or requested by someone to write this blog in the Blog It Forward-phenomenon, I will write it in its style anyway 🙂

I have been actively working with SAP from the beginning of my professional career in the IT business and I have been helped by the community A LOT.. Therefor I think it is not more than fair for me to share what I have learned with other members of the SAP Community.

About me personally:

I'm from Belgium - Antwerp, living together with my girlfriend/soulmate, 30 years old, love a little gaming, but also play bowling in my spare time about 2 times/week..

Me and my soulmate on holiday

About me professionally:

I started working with SAP as a consultant for Flexso, an SAP Consultancy company with a heart for innovation and technology, but an even greater love for knowledge sharing as well domestic as sharing their lessons learned with the world. I started at Flexso as an intern 5,5 years ago when I was studying "Applied Informatics", half a year later I was admitted as a consultant. During my career I was able to participate in several cool projects and working with some amazing people which allowed me to develop a wide knowledge base in several SAP technologies.

Next to my love for problem solving (of IT questions), I also get great satisfaction out of sharing my knowledge with others. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your peer/student have an epiphany when successfully explaining a complex piece of code/technology (Or maybe succesfully activating a large amount of code from your first try comes pretty close as well :p). The microbe for teaching is something you should not ignore and so since 2 years I have also been teaching SAP Development at AP University..

I intend to write blog posts in several categories and for multiple purposes. I'd like to share:

  • Technological posts

  • Insights and best practices on programming

  • Insights and best practices on teaching

  • Debate topics

  • ...

In the spirit of #BIF here are my questions from the pool I believe deserve an answer because they are important to me:

BIF Questions:

  1. Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?

    1. Parenthood - A joy yet to achieve

    2. A perfect game in bowling - Another joy yet to achieve

    3. Running a marathon

    4. Be an active member of the SAP community and becoming a respected SAP blogger

    5. Discover the world

  2. Name the person who affected you most in your career/way of thinking and why?
    Patrick V.N.. He has been a mentor to me for several years and I can honestly say that he has a unique style for teaching and mentoring newbies 😛 He has a way to make a person push his limits, but always being sincere, fair and ensuring mutual respect. I can truly say that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for his guidance..

  3. What do you enjoy most in your work and why?
    Working as a developer and a teacher is very satisfactory.. The power of creation is a powerful incentive to move forward and push yourself even further. The possibility to learn new things almost on a daily basis.. Next to this, sharing what you have learned to help others to learn or to become better gives great satisfaction.

That's enough about me for now, if you're interested in my stories, hit that follow button on my profile page and I'll hope to hear your opinions on my postings soon!!

I know I’m supposed to nominate people, but the two bloggers I know already participated. So I nominate oddss and jerry.janda , the two SAP Community moderators who helped me get this post published.