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Hi All,

I was going through the currently available Missions and Badges in SAP Community and was excited to see #BlogItForward mission which is all about expressing our personal thoughts and having chit-chats through blogs & nominating other SAP fellas.

For example, I follow a set of SAP people, fellow ALM consultants to know about their professional achievements, lessons learnt through their technical blogs, Q&A, Comments. This particular mission #BlogItForward allows us to express our personal thoughts and can even insist fellow people here to write about themself by nominating them.

Okay, now let's go. It's my turn.!

About me:

I'm Vignesh Prabhu from Chennai, India and I work as SAP Solution Manager specialist with 8 years of experience in various Solution Manager functionalities.

Maldives Vacation in 2021

As a passion, I started restoring old cars and eventually became a passionate restorer who is fond of cars from 90's and I own 1992 Fiat Padmini (Italian Fiat), which was restored completely in 2021 and 1993 Tata Sierra which is currently been restored.

I wish to have some more cars added in my garage especially Mercedes Benz W123 & W124, Hindustan Contessa, Skoda Octavia first generation.

Restored Fiat Padmini

Why Blog It Forward Challenge now?

I wanted to talk about the product and Technology that has given me a professional life and recognition. Yes, it is SAP Solution Manager.

Just like every Software Trainee, I started my IT career in SQL, JAVA and dot NET trainings from the organization but eventually I was put in SAP Project as a junior Solution Manager consultant in 2014 with no SAP knowledge.

The product inspired me to learn and push my limits every day, even this second, I am writing about the same product, that gave life to me.

So, after 8 years of gaining experience with SAP Solution Manager, I thought of giving back whatever I learnt and gained from this product to fellow people and then I started my journey in SAP Community.

I started writing blogs on topics I learnt from April 2022, or I got inspired to learn and share my experience, I try to answer to questions posted by others which in a way I learn and have a forethought when that situation arises to me at any point.

Earlier I had written a blog on CBTA which was well recognized using my other SCN ID.

SAP Community gave me so much, I am trying to give back whatever I can.

I got featured in SAP Community for the month of September 2022 and got a Badge for November 2022.

Featured Contributor for the month of September 2022


SAP Community Fan November 2022


I would like to nominate tonja.kehrerKehrer, dolores.correaCorrea, Irfanullahirfan.aejazMohammed, Prakharprakharsaxena as you all are my SAP Guru who inspired me to learn and keep learning.!

Thanks everyone for your time...!