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Hello All,

Welcome to My Blog...

Thanks to dev.patra for inviting me.

Please give me a chance to share about myself.

My Introduction:

My name is Tapas Das and I'm 26 years old. I born in the year of 1989, 5th January. I am living in Kolkata, India.

Lets share some picture of my city.

This is the Victoria Memorial. A wonderful place in Kolkata.

This is the picture of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

This is South City Mall,which is the big mall in our country.

I am a married person. I got married in 2013,Jan 23rd. My wife's name is Sumana Das, who inspire me always.

My Country & Culture :

My India is a colorful country.Peoples live in different languages in our country. Our country is a major characteristic of the man that loves people. I am very happy to see many colors in this country.

This great men are pride in our country, for whom we got freedom.

My Education:

I completed 12th (High secondary) on 2007. When I was in classes five, a great interest has grown since then to my computer.Finally, the computer became my passion. More delight when I learn something new every day from the computer. As well as I have also interest in Scouting.

I have the Himalayan Wood Badge from The Bharat Scouts & Guides. When I was in fifth grade,I saw a procession of Indian scouts and guides.Since then I have grown an interest in the Scout and guide.But the way was not so easy.Yet his efforts do I overcome this difficult way. I am currently employed as a teacher in Kolkata scout team for the last 6 years.The Scouts and Guides around the world that this is our desire to win.

Lets see some valuable picture from The Scout and guide world history.

He was the founder of the Scout (Lord Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell or B.P).

She was Olave Soames,founder of guiding.She is the wife of B.P.

Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, President award provided our scouts and guides. This is the wonderful moment in our life and a great opportunity also....... :smile:

This is our activity in The Bharat Scout and Guide.

My Professional Life :

I have joined a privet company, named Lux Industries Limited (LUX COZI) as a Data Entry User on 2010, August 1st. 1 year later, I got an opportunity to work in SAP.. At that time I was totally new in SAP.  Members of our team allows me to train. I learned SAP and I was working as a SAP End User. Right now I'm working as a SAP MM Super User. Our sir, Named Rakesh Singh (rakeh.singh) teaching us SAP ERP package. I have learned so many things from him.

And others person is Dibyendu Patra ( dev.patra ),who helped me to learn some area in SAP MM. thanks to Dibyendu for help me continuously.

This is my SAP teacher. He is working in TCS now.

Dibyendu is my inspiration and a good friend also.

My Ambition :

Firstly be a good man.

Secondly I want to be a SAP MM Consultant.

Thirdly, I want to be a good professional man on industry.

I am a member of SCN since Nov, 2014.

I was mentioned on  Blog it Forward - Dibyendu Patra

Here is the answer for your question:

1. What is my Ambition ?

I want to be a good Consultant.

2. What is name of my best friend?

My best friend's name is Sumanta Bhowmick.

Blog Forward:

I would like to blog forward to







You can also write your blog on this Blog It Forward Community Challenge

I want to ask some question about me.

1. Who is my Idle?

2. What I love the most?

Thanks for reading my blog. Your Comment/suggestions are most welcome.......