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I was blogged forward by vivekbhoj in his blog Blog It Forward - Vivek Singh Bhoj. Also keeping my word to moshe.naveh as promised in TechEd Bangalore. This blog is a part of the "Blog It Forward" challenge.

My name is Shreepad Patil. I completed my Engineering in Computer Sciences from University of Pune in 2012 and started my professional career almost an year ago as a Software Engineer in Bangalore. It started with SAP BI for me and then I was put into SAP HANA domain. I have been a part of SCN for quite a long time, mostly inactive but I have my own bouts of SCN when I am suddenly answering questions and blogging :grin: .

You might've heard people missing their hometowns, but I miss having a hometown. My dad works for the government so I have been traveling a lot and don't have any proper hometown. I've stayed in 6 Indian states till now and have different experiences from all these states.

Maharashtra - Simplicity

Haryana - Directness

Gujarat - Smartness

Punjab - Friendliness

Rajasthan - Hospitality

Karnataka (Current) - Sweetness

Picture of me in office (also visible: vivekbhoj's head :grin: )


A fun fact about my country:

India - I still wonder how this is just one nation and not multiple. The amount of diversities is huge. The languages..dresses..cultures..religions all are diverse and varied.But the 2 Cs that unite India are Cinema and Cricket.
Fun Fact: We have temples for Sachin Tendulkar and Rajinikant.

What is your best moment in life?

Philosophy Alert :razz: .

Small moments in life are really important than those moments perceived as best moments. Its the combination of all these moments that make up my best moment in life.

How did you get into SAP technology?

Before starting my professional career I had taken lots of counseling from friends and relatives and came to know about SAP. It was a mysterious domain, as people outside SAP have no clue about what exactly we do.

We had something called as Pre-Assessment test, where we as freshers are tested on our knowledge and then asked for our choices on domains. I was lucky to clear that test and had a chance to enter SAP domain. So here I am in SAP, working on SAP HANA. :smile:

I would like to "Blog it Forward" to:








And I would like them to reply to one or all of the following questions:

  • What fascinates you the most in SAP?
  • What is your favorite place in the world?
  • If you were a superhero which one would you prefer to be?

Don't forget to follow and update the Blog It Forward Chain once you post your BIF blog.

Good luck and enjoy!