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Very special thanks to manikandan.elumalai2 for pulling me along to post this. His Blog It Forward chain Blog It Forward- Manikandan Elumalai and now adding mine to the chain

{this.me} //about me

I am shankarsgs aka Shanky, a Computer Engineering Professional from Chennai,  I am Technology Consultant and IT professional working on few of Technologies including SAP. My usual life starts and ends with Technology  I have been a Technical blogger and My entry to SAP and SCN started with SAP Lumira where i published one of my first big blog SAP Lumira - Geek Tweaks and Connecting SAP Lumira with MongoDB - Part 1 after which my interest in blogging increased and this community made my love towards SCN. You can read my other blogs shankarsgs/content I am not in any social networks (no fb,twitter), you can find me in github sgsshankar (Shankar Narayanan) · GitHub or hanging out in random IRC (am old school)

{} //where i live

Chennai is a major metro city in the heart of state Tamil Nadu in India. You would find it in the map on Southern part of the country. It is a place where busy IT people try run their life (yes! everything seems fast moving here). If you ever drop down to Chennai, don't forget to try its Masala Dosai and Filter coffee plus you get other good food as well (from different cuisine) and visit Marina beach (of all its glory!). My laptop has been my second home where i hang most of my time from playing NFS to writing some random piece of code, it all ends with the key of the keyboard!



Now coming to answering the questions.. this is what i have to say.

Where do you not mind for waiting?

Frankly, i am not a person who expects much. I wait for so many things everyday (program builds, software installation, food, transport) but one thing i would never mind waiting is for opportunities.

What would you refuse to do for one billion dollars?

Anything that would not involve computers or Tech (i can never imagine myself working as doctor or lawer, pity the people if i do)

If you go to a psychiatrist, what would he say you suffer from?

Three things! Funny syndrome (being funny most of the time), Sleep syndrome (i dont sleep much) and finally being Crazy (it happens to be with my Gene).

If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be?

Theory Exams! Am not a student now, still not fond of the college exams where you have to write pages of stuffs to impress the teachers.


Nothing big, making my way on trying out crazy stuffs and writing more blogs and of-course thinking of a small vacation.

Now its my time to pass on the torch and shed light on fellow bloggers. I would like to nominate the following people poovin2749nithyanandamvenueshwar.prasanna keerthana.rameshn.manojkumarRead about the challenge Blog It Forward Community Challenge and Blog It Forward by answering the below questions.

1. What is your most favorite vacation trip destination (visited/planning to visit) and post a image of it

2. What would you be doing if you are not into SAP?

3. If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

4. What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

5. Your prefer destination to settlein life?

6. Finally...Your favorite blog from what i wrote?

Am waiting for the answers... Till then