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After having dirtied my hands at blogging in my personal blogging spaces, finally I feel ready to take the plunge in SCN - thanks to the initiative at SAP Labs India and the sessions from jason.cao2. I got to know about the BIF challenge during this session and would have also preferred to provide a video blog similar to Blog It Forward - Jason Cao but would first like to take the plunge and then try the butterfly stroke or other different swimming styles.

My name is Sathish and I am located at Bangalore and working as the Development Architect in Custom Development Organization. I have earlier worked in the Commercial Platform team, being responsible for the SAP Store architecture. Prior to that I have also been part of SAP Business ByDesign. Currently I am with the product - SAP Screen Personas and trying to improve the user experience for customer(s).

I spent my initial 21 years at Coimbatore, India and after my education moved to Hyderabad, India for 7 yrs and then arrived at Bangalore. Though I spent my initial years in Coimbatore, my roots are based out of a small village, which is close to the temple town of Angadipuram in in Kerala. Most of my thoughts and ideas are primarily influenced from the way of life in Kerala, which is still one of the most creative and expressive place in India. I loved playing soccer and Maradona is the God of soccer for me!

[ A picture taken by me at my native - places that have influenced me ]

Technology is something that consistently excites me. I first started blogging in March 2004 and it started off with an attempt at poetry which failed miserably. That is when I realized it is better to write essays (a.k.a blog) than try poetry !

What inspires you?

Many people have inspired me over various phases of my life - starting with my parents, who put in a lot of effort to provide me good education and living; my sisters who have guided and chided me when required and made sure that they were always there when I required and various other people. However in my current phase of life, I am greatly inspired by my wife who gave up her fast growing career to take care of our twins, but still is a bundle of positive energy and attitude. There are lot of things  that I respect her for, but more than that she has inspired me to look at life in a positive way and I am still learning from her!

What have you accomplished recently that you're really proud of?

May be blogging in SCN ! :smile:   Always thought about it but never did it and here I am finally ! Recent accomplishments include driving on Autobahn, designing posters for a function in my residential community, etc.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

There is only one superhero in India - and that is Rajinikant ! :cool:

I would like to blog it forward to the following people

pritin.tyagaraj someone who loves to share knowledge and venture into new areas of technology.

sudeep.sukumar always full of energy and excitement, dives deep into technology and has a very sharp mind and thought process

I would like to put forward the below questions.

  • What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?
  • Which is the one place that you would like to travel to, but have never been able to ?
  • What would you be doing if computers had not been invented ?!
  • Why did the chicken cross the road ?

Cheers ! :smile:

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