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Blog It Forward – Sagar Bhagwan Mahesuni

Hello Everyone,

Before introducing myself, I want to tell you something about registering before in SAP Community Network and writing my first blog which is Blog It Forward.”

While continuing my SAP FI/CO module formal training (Not for Certification), :sad: I was spending my most of time to collect/download notes from Google, Facebook, Slide Share and etc., searching…, searching…., searching…., on everyday :wink: and then one day I clicked a link in Google and which is sent me into SCN home page. My first expression was Wow..., Great…, :smile: and then I said to myself I think came to the right place yaar, know I don’t want to search notes in Google, Facebook, Slide Share and etc.., quickly I registered on June 20, 2013. For the next two months I was not logged on SCN. :sad: One day I logged i.e. in month of September, first I saw SCN home page at member of the month…, and the member is “Ravi Sankar Venna.” :smile: I was very happy to see this news on SAP Community Network home page because he belongs to my home state i.e. Andhra Pradesh, India and I think so, the first member I followed here. Well, I used to read SCN Blogs, Documents and Discussion on everyday which are superb…., and these all are addressing to give free of cost knowledge, information, motivation and many more; especially I read Ravi sir blogs atleast half blog in a day. Continued, blogs reading all of SCN members…, I inspired to write my BIF blog from all of you SCN great member’s motivation and inspiration blogs through. :smile: Which I ever had seen in previously so, such big thanks to SAP team giving us SAP Community Network. :wink:

Coming to know about me, here I am Sagar Bhagwan Mahesuni; I was born 23 years ago in middle class family and the place where am living it is Bhiwandi. The city of Bhiwandi, known for its textile industry, has the largest number of Power looms in the country and sometimes dubbed as the Manchester of India. 

History of Bhiwandi


                In the early Twentieth century, Bhiwandi was a small town, inhabited by Maharashtrians. The main occupation of the people was agriculture, fishing and hand looms. With the advent of electricity, the hand looms began to be quickly replaced by power looms. It became a hub of the textile industry in the 1930s. Bhiwandi used to have a port on the river known as Kamwadi river. During 16th century the port was situated at area known as Bunder Mohalla. There was trading business of woods & Spices. There used to be a regular business and merchants used to travel frequently. At that time the merchant was called as “Saudagar”, and the area used to refer as Saudagar Mohalla. The labour who works for shipping building used to live at place today called as Sutar Wada and Hamal Wada. The worker who navigates the ship used to live at place today known as Tandel Wada. In the Moghul period Bhiwandi city was known by the name of "Islamabad". They built the Mosque by the name of Islamabad Masjid & built Eidgah situated at Eidgah road. It became a hub of the textile industry in the 1930s.


                                                                                               (Bhiwandi City)                                   

                                                                                                              (Power Looms)

My Childhood life + Education + Work Experience

I was completed schooling from government under upto 7th standard and after we all are shifting to private school for further studies upto 10th. :smile: Because, in the Govt schools upto 10th was not available. :sad: I remember the day when I was make-upped for playing Gabbar Singh role and my dialogue is Hmmm…., Arey ho Sambha Kitne aadmi the? :lol: And you all are know about this dialogue from which movie i.e. Sholay the Indian great Bollywood movie and I would tell you something about my father he is Diehard fan of this movie, I think so he watched this more than 100 times. :shock: Hmm…, completed my 10th exams with lot of scare, tensed, fun and overnight studying with friends :sad: and after exams in the summer vacation I used work in S.T.D (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) after completing one month, I received my life first salary @ age 15 i.e. Rs.500 :smile: and I gave it to my mom, I’ve not expected how much she was happy then I asked to my mom why you are so much happy…, she said you’re helping us to run our living life, to repay the house loan, and also we could use this amount for you and your brother and sister education expenses…, :smile: at that these statement was not digested in me. :???: Hey don’t worry…, I was not spent my whole time on working…., am also kid yaar :grin: I used to play cricket I’m interested in bowling (Right arm fast bowler) :wink: and mainly we played under arm Cricket these is oldest form of Cricket. Because, we are used to play this game at local area at when everyone sleeping afternoon and we are disturbing them…., :cool: in the way of vacation enjoyment we heard silent sound from somewhere…., what somewhere yaar in the news channel i.e. our 10th exam results are announced. :cry: That’s it, the every child is facing this situation…, the parents, teachers, relatives and everyone asking what happen…, how much % you have got and bla…, bla…, :mad: I was telling in silent voice I got second class (53%)…, :smile:


             Then, next is what you all are aware, I went to in our city one and only famous college i.e. B.N.N.College to take admission in commerce stream and I got it. :smile: The first day of my college experience was simply good…, we are very lucky because in our college the seniors are not ragging juniors why I don’t know…, :smile: hence, same as I told you in above, about  working in S.T.D, I used to go there after coming from college and classes. And, I’m very thankful to my brother (Sandeep) because, he also joined and supported me when I’m coming late, leave and so on. :smile: While continuing these all things I had joined Tally 7.2 without having basic knowledge of computer. Because, I had taken basic knowledge of computer at my neighbor home. :wink: Anyway, continuing my life with emotions, excitement, surprises, and sentiments. :cry: In all against, I had completed my HSC with (55%) :smile: but know this time I won’t be said in silent voice to whoever asking my% because, I read somewhere i.e. “Don’t underestimate yourself” I realized that time I don’t be wana do this at any situation if I did wrong or right, if the people are underestimating me, I accept it and if the people are appreciating me, I accept it :smile:


I’ve got part time job and this is my second job in textile industry for maintaining stock accounts after completing 12th, I used to get salary Rs.2000 p.m. :smile:   Daily used to go office by walk for 3 km one-way. :sad: At the same time I did some R&D about Charted Accountant (CA) and I explained to my parents about CA but in against they said indirectly no. :cry: Why, I tell you at that time our financial condition was poor, parents need to be care the all things like every parents can. So, as per my R&D if I’m going to do CA, I have to pay the registration fee, class’s fee, and work in CA firm under to complete the article ship and in the favor I would get salary monthly Rs.500 or Rs.1000. :sad: I decided to continue that textile job and taken admission in the same college for B.com first year, continued for second and in the final year got  as usually second class (56%). :smile: In between these three years I also worked in other textile & wholesale company for the same designation and I used get whole salary Rs.8500 p.m. :smile: I leave home morning @7 am with having breakfast (3 Roty’s with bhaji) and going to the college and after completing lectures (Actually I won’t be given 70% attendance) :sad: and then directly going to the three offices for 2 to 3 hrs per office and finally coming to the home at 7p.m.

Now the picture has began, after completing graduation the every parents expecting from their son/daughter could get better job. :sad: Same, into my life in the summer vacation I went to interviews 1, 2, 3…10 but am not selecting due to the reason is my communication was very poor and staying in Bhiwandi. :cry: Because, in our city there is lack of road transportation and lack of rail routes, the people are used to traveling from Bhiwandi to Mumbai in public transport for 4 to 6 hrs one-way. :sad: Now, it takes 1 to 3 hrs. :smile: Anyway, finally I got the job in Feb 2012 in “Multinational Company” as a Associate Accountant :smile: and in these company under I got my life’s first award/gift i.e. “Reynolds Trimax Gel Pen - Blue” for 3 months continuously good working, :wink: I got it before completing one year…, this is giving for special achievement award on every 3 three month. Well, unfortunately I resigned this job for personal reason :cry: and currently working in Indian company as an Assistant Accountant. I heard about SAP in my prior company so that time I decided to learn SAP FI/CO module on anyway and I requested to my parents arrange some money for learning SAP. So, they borrowed 50k from neighbors and given to me because my mom and dad decided to don’t disappoint me right know and with amount that through I’ve done only formal training not for certification. :smile: Now, am dreaming to get job an entry level in SAP FI/CO projects in a company and planning for certification and also saving money for certification fee. :smile:

My happiest movement in my Life

The above pictures are clicked by my friend Krishna on previous year 2013 Krishna Janmashtami (कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी)/ Dahi Handi festival at our area.

                                   (Silathornam at Tirumala)

                                                              (Tirumala Gopuram’s)

In the year 2009 me and my friends went to “Tirumala Venkateswara Temple” we had such lot of fun.

My Hobbies

· Whenever I get time, I like to listen songs which are composed by A.R Rahman and Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao both are Indian playback singers and also music composers.

· As I said in above, I play cricket and also I play Carrom recently I participated in local games but unfortunately I lost Carrom game.

I'd like to tag "Blog It Forward" to the sachin.chavan2.

and I would be happy if you could answer these....,

Q) Which 5 things do you absolutely want to be achieve in life?

Q) Share an interesting/funny story about youself that people don't know?

Q) If you were 20 again, what would you study?

Remember the rules of the game:

- Follow the Blog It Forward Chain in order to be updated when the people you blog it forward to post the links to their "Blog It Forward" blogs.

- Read Moshe's blog again to make sure you follow the rules in your own blog:

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  • Add a cool picture of yourself or your homeland/town
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Thank you very much reading my blog, hope you has enjoyed.

Looking forward to see BIF blogs more blogs from our Community Members soon