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This blog is part of Blog It Forward Community Challenge initiated by moshe.naveh

I was tagged by vinod.kumar25 in his Blog It Forward - Vinod Kumar post. Thank you Vinod for adding me in your blog.  Initially, this tagged concept looks complicated, however, kumud.singh has helped me in understanding this concept. Thanks Kumud. Similarly, there was a tollywood Indian movie with the same concept, you help  three  individuals, in turn each individual will help three individuals each and so on. Then the whole world will become wonderful planet.

I became little lazy could not find much time to write this blog. Frankly, this is a difficult attempt to write this kind of blog, when compared with writing a technical SAP blog. I am really not sure where to start, how to write and where to end. However, I am only trying my level best to put some meaningful words . Writing this kind of blog is a uphill task always, as I never bother to take photos, only believe in remembering everything by heart, but this time I am forced to steal some of the photos from my Son's facebook . Unfortunately, still, I do not have facebook / twitter account

Born in a middle class family in Southern part of India, where emotions and sentiments rule the life I used to enjoy my childhood with lot of games. Luckily, I got snap of mine when I was one year. Sorry, this is not my creation, my son has captured this snap from my Childhood album.

In my young age, I used play lot of local games, goli, tops, cricket, gilli-danda, carroms and what not. As soon as my school is over, life is with childhood friends running all over the streets. Used to enjoy most of the tollywood movies and Chiranjeevi was my favourite hero During the summer holidays, escape from the home in the afternoon once everybody slept at home, pick up the fruits from the trees and play cricket to taste the heat of more than 48 degrees centigrade (not Fahrenheit) were my favourites.

Do not know when my 10th standard was completed. Luckily got into Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior College (place called Nimmakuru) for my Intermediate education, considered to be one of the top colleges in our State. Full Boarding and Lodging is sponsored by the Government for the complete two years of 10+2 education. Probably, I would consider this is the turning point in my life. The students around me are all amazingly intelligent and very brilliant. Still, I used to enjoy my games as usual. Then, I started learning swimming at the pond near by our college. Evening most of the college students used to jump into that pond. I do not really remember, how many times I would have died myself or saved number of my college mates in that pond. I am really scary if I remember those adventurous days . Probably those days in residential college life made me too competitive in everything I do. I cannot afford to miss those two years of residential college life. It was so special in my life. Wish I should become 20 years lesser.

Used to participate in all the cultural activities in the college. Every time used to win a prize in cultural activities. Enjoy playing cricket, escaping morning jogging classes , jumping in the pond and run in college athletic competitions are joyous things in those days

Recently, I read a caption for a movie. But, when I read it, I really felt how much true it is:

Teenage: Energy + Time, but no Money

Work age: Money + Energy, but no Time

Old age: Money + Time, but no Energy (LOL)

Really do not how my two years were over, then moved to another college nearby (place called Gudivada) to do my graduation in commerce. In parallel, started learning typewriting and shorthand. Won number of prizes in typewriting competitions. I do not remember any competition that I missed a prize in a typewriting examination. Passed my Typewriting High Speed in English / Typewriting High Speed in Telugu / Hindi Typewriting Lower and Shorthand Lower. At point of peak, I used to type 90 to 100 wpm (never tried for Guinness record ) This helped me today to type 120 wpm on my laptop I also got National Merit Scholarship from AP Government for my Intermediate Examination marks. If I remember the scholarship was around 15 to 20$ per annum, but was a great joy to have pocket money. Selected for college cricket team and played until zonal level, love to bowl lethal and damage the batsmen. Used to participate in Debating, Essay Writings and Quiz Competitions a lot. I love dancing a lot, but restricted to home and family friends. I used to act in drams in college. (not put my finger in Singing, it is only restricted to my bathroom ). Used to participate in athletic competitions in my graduation (won some prizes too ). Completed my Graduation in commerce with College First and Town First and the local club has awarded me a Gold Medal. Then I joined as a daily wage typist in a government organisation for three months. I used to get 0.50$ per day. It was my first earning of life and a lot of inspiration that was. Luckily, I have a good habit, every time I used to give my first salary as a donation to temples Too sentimental, cannot help it

Then we moved to little bigger city (place called Vijayawada) and joined for Management Accounting Courses. I used to spend studying 12 to 15 hours a day. Used to go to classes on Bicycle (I love my "Streetcat" cycle) in the morning and evening. I used to enjoy cycling of 60 kilometers a day (one way 15 kilometers - 15*2*2). We had floods in our area in those days and the water was almost 5 feet, cannot see anything around, cannot afford to miss my Management Accounting Classes, used to go to classes by putting the books and dresses on head and hitting the water snakes with the stick During the break after the Management Accounting intermediate examination, I used to learn flute. All my neighbours are fed up with my flute, as I used to disturb their sleep early in the morning . During the free time, I have also appeared in "open to all typewriting Competition in Typewriting in Vijayawada City" conducted by Kangoni Innaiah Memorial, and there is no barrier of age / skill to participate. Luckily, I got first prize in more than 2000 participants. In parallel, I have also completed my Post Graduation in Commerce from Nagarjuna University. The Management Accountant exam is one of the toughest professional exams in India, luckily passed all the stages in single attempt and got Merit Certificate from the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI), for passing my final both stages in single attempt. Then did some time pass jobs for an year, then moved to Hyderabad.

Joined with one of the multinational bank as an industrial trainee in August 1998, it was a good experience to know about the corporate culture, sophisticated systems and human behaviours. I was so shy and all around me are ladies and they used to pamper me as their own brother I have given cultural performance at Diwali function in the bank and became favourite for everybody. Luckily, in those days I got opportunity to act in some of the local television, but things did not work out. I have also in parallel registered for Company Secretaries Exams. I got very good appreciation letter from my Manager for the commitment shown in operations. I used to stay with my room mates and one day they left the bucket in the well with water of around 30 feet. I went down the well and brought the bucket back for them.These are some of the "never give up" / "killer instinct" qualities always inspired me in my life. My family members came to know this and they scolded me like anything for my mischievous acts. I am really poor at "how to say No". My whole life is based on "never say No", sometimes being exploited by others, but still cannot help it. I strongly believe this is the only way you can challenge yourself to the next level.

Then moved to Western India (Gujarat) to work for a reputed Chemical Company in Audit Department in January, 2000. During these days, I used to work in "Bombay House" (registered office of TATAs) and "Nanavati Mahalaya", whenever I used to visit Mumbai Head Office. This where my life has been introduced to SAP in 2000 January. When working in Gujarat, few of our colleagues and me went for 100 Kilometers Cycling adventure, do not know how we returned in that drastic weather . This place was around 2000 kilometers tomy home, it used to take nearly 48 hours to reach home. I was like Sanwitch and ice-cream at the end of the journey, particularly in summer season. After two years, moved to Central India (Chattisgarh) to work for a reputed Metal Company in Finance and Accounts area in April, 2002. This place is also nearly 1300 kilometers from home town (always used to feel like missing my home). Luckily got the chance to work as a Core Team member. Then I took leave for one month in 2003 went to SAP Partner Education (Genovate) Mumbai. For this purpose, I have taken 3 lakhs INR loan by pledging the gold and total investments. It was a huge tensed situation, luckily passed the FICO Certification. Then got into a SAP Consulting Company in Mumbai in March, 2004, but could not work more than 3 months, as my whole family is in South India, which forced me left Mumbai. Then got a job in Bangalore with one of SAP Global Partners in June, 2004. Used to attend most of the Teched and other SAP events whilst working in Barngalore. Luckily I have one of those photos in my laptop.

During this period, again I took another loan and went for SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) training (BPS-BW and CPM) in Hyderabad and it was different matter the training was pathetic, but, luckily, I passed my Certification. Then I also went to Mumbai for SEM BW Based Consolidation in Mumbai. Unfortunately, SAP Education India did not allow me to write my SAP BW Certification because of the only reason that my company was not their local partner in India (though it was a Global Partner). I still surprise, would they really give any value to their Global Partners (God knows ). I have decided to do it any cost and I contacted SAP Education Malaysia and they happily accepted my application to write my BW Certification. Then I flew to Kaula Lumpur and my prestige was at stake. I cannot afford to fail Luckily, with the God's grace, I have passed the Certification. If you are thinking that these amounts are being sponsored by my employers, you are thinking on the wrong side. No regrets and all these are from my own pocket and money. During this tenure I have also passed the final examinations of Company Secretaries from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), New Delhi. I have also trained for CPA examinations, unfortunately, could not get visa to US, hence, I had to leave it in a midway.

Nearly worked four years in Bangalore and moved to the same company in UK in Feb. 2008. Life in UK is mostly in contrast to Indian conditions. In India, only used to sit at one location. But, in UK, need to travel nook and corner, particularly, if you are in Consulting. Pack your bags on Monday morning leave your home before 6-a.m. and come back on Friday night Life is amazingly busy in travelling, visiting client places, eating outside food, working late nights in hotel. Thankfully, I still dependent on the public transport, therefore, I used to believe my legs, taxi people, trains and buses. There were days, when I lost my last train in one of the stations in Winter and I was forced sit outside the station whole night at -8 degrees Celsius, as the station was required to close at midnight . Still, enjoying the life in UK. In another when I went to Germany in 2010 December, struck in Frankfurt Airport for 4 days, as the airport was closed for four days. It was a miserable experience. As a Consultant, life is full of surprises . Recently, got a Platinum Award from my employer, which is still motivating me to go further. Once, I come to UK, I have appeared for Solution Manager, SAP Security and SAP FI (ECC 6.0) in UK in 2008. Fortunately, in UK, there are no meaningless rules like in India to write SAP Certification. In UK, I have also passed Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Examination conducted by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), IL, USA,  in December, 2010. I have also passed my Prince2 Foundation and no time to appear Practitioner Examination . Though I purchased around 50 SAP press books and still lavishly (wife says "madly" ) spending money for education, now decided to temporarily stop "mad" spending too much on education. We live in Birmingham, UK and these are my stolen photos from kid's facebook They are my both sons photos

Too much of introduction to the story, I believe everybody must have been bored by now.

This is time for me to answer the questions of Vinod

1) Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work



Welcome | SCN

Plus I have around 50 SAP Press books in my personal library but lazy to read them on daily basis

2) If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

Michael Phelps - When I was in residential college days, I used to swim like a fish, at least 15 hours on Sundays. I wish I would be another fish like Michael Phelps and go back to those old golden days.

Wish if I have a next birth, I would pray God to make me to serve the humanity. I would love to have the qualities of

  • Mother Teresa - noble heart
  • Mahatma Gandhi - perseverance
  • Swami Vivekananda - enormous conviction
  • Albert Einstein - amazing knowledge.
  • Martin Luther King - inspiration
  • JRD TATA - Philanthropy
  • Karl Marx - Philosophy
  • APJ Abdul Kalam - Humility

It looks I am too selfish. God will pinch me for asking too many contradicting qualities.

3)  What do you most enjoy on SCN?

Forums - Unfortunately, the quality of the forums are getting down now a days

Blogs - Recently started blogging few months back and still enjoy the same

Articles - Difficult to find time to write articles (may be I am little bit lazy), wish I should write articles also on SCN.

Though points are inspirational, I would really glad to hear, if any of my postings have helped them technically or taking a decision in their career.

Now, I would like to tag (not sure if they are already tagged)






I would like to see their answers for the following questions:

1. Personally what are three best qualities that you admire in yourself?

2. If you become richer than Bill Gates, what would you do?

3. Who is your inspirational person in our SCN Community?

Thank you very much reading my blog, hope you have enjoyed as well.

Looking forward to see BIF blogs from our Community Members soon.