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Hello SCNite!

I came across this intestering BIF chain going around. Unfortunately most of my SAP network are lowkey here so I wanted to pull them together and pump them up for the action. So I dug into the chain and fetched an invite by adding myself here- Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table, If you want to know more about this Blog It Forward Community Challenge .

Sincere thanks to jitendrakumar.kansal for making me part of this chain.

My Introduction:

I am Priyanka Musale. I have been associated with SAP BO BI since more than 8 years. I started as software developer acquired BOCP and exauhlted myself as Administrator/Architect serving Media & Entertaiment and Investment Management firm.

I was born and raised in India. Someone did a nice job of articulating interesting fact about india in here http://www.indiaunimagined.com/101-interesting-facts-about-india/

My response to questions posted in Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal

1) What makes you smile/laugh?

- When I came across a exasperated BI Associate/User.

2) Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

- I would have been a Travel Guide/Chef

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

- Stopped a Truck on busy Freeway! (No more details! 🙂 )

My Response to questions from Question bank from Blog It Forward Community Challenge

1) Share an interesting/funny story related to your project

-On my first day at a Client place, Project manager:dying to get a help on burning issues..... rolled his eyes and dropped his jaws as I entered conference room. Apparently he was expecting a fat lady with grey hair based on my telephonic interview; (I am not sure if it was my demonstrated experience/knowledge or my voice).

So he was on call with SAP Support and he introduced me to Case Engineer. Luckily...... On-call-Engineer knew me by Name :-), So we started with casual talk and Project Manager's face lit up like a Kodak Moment!

2) How do you think the way you were raised affects your Career?

-I started reading at reading at very tender age. This reading fever gotten me into reading everything about anything. SAP BO BI is a vast product carefully designed with the multiple logical layers. I like to read all the details about everything and that sure provide me good insights of how tool functions and makes me capable of handling it and troubleshooting it.

3)What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?


1. Team with right attitude (not necessary aptitude).

2. Correct tool and technology for requirement

3. A Subject matter expert

4. Clear role and responsibilities

I would now like to Blog It Forward to following people: rickeyn,victormlee,manikandan.elumalai2, aniket.wagh, irfan.mohammed4, krish.rao, mohitgpt10,satheeshkumar.vadivel,laurent.conti. I would like you guys to answer following questions for me-

1. What personal trait makes you different that others?

2. Share a funny/Tricky story about your experience with SAP.

3. What do you like about SAP Product/Services?

I hope you enjoy this BIF chain as much as I did.


Priyanka Musale,