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Hello All,

I happy to talk to this BIF community.Hope i am first member who writing the blog against #BlogItForward


I was basically Mechanical engineer My native was One small Village which is in near by Tiruvannamlai town.Which you cannot get in Google map at all .but later I have added in the Google Map (Thanks  to Google Map  Becoz they have approved)Whenever Tiruvannamalai names comes every south Indians  will come to know about the Karthikai Deepam:

Short story about My town:

Karthikai Deepam (Tamil: திருகார்த்திகை தீபம் / கார்த்திகை விளக்கீடு, Malayalam: തൃക്കാർത്തിക / കാർത്തിക വിളക്ക്), also spelled Karthigai Deepam or Karthika Deepam is one of the most ancient festivals that has been celebrated since ages according to Indian history. It is symbolic of the festival of lights in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and some regions of Andhra Pradesh and is dedicated to the infiniteness of The Almighty. Fortunately this is time which we all are celebrating

Karthikai Deepam is celebrated on the day of full moon in the Tamil month of Karttikai according to the Indian calendar. The festival originally continues for a month commencing on the day of Diwali. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is held in the months of November-December.

The most ancient mythology associated with this festival is when Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu once started quarrelling with each other over their individual supremacy in terms of power and strength. Distressed by their arguments, Lord Shiva emerged in front of them as a flame of fire. Lord Brahma and Vishnu decided to compete with each other to find the start and end of this flame. For this Brahma took the form of a swan and Vishnu took the form of a boar. Finally when none of them won, Lord Shiva emerged back into form and thus emphasized about the infiniteness and ultimate existence of God that is beyond all measurements.

Lord Muruga took the form of six flames that emerged from the eyes of Lord Shiva. These flames took the form of six babies and accumulated in a lake known as 'Saravana Poigai'. On this day, these nymphs were accumulated by Goddess Parvati and thereafter Karthikai Deepam is also the day when Lord Muruga is worshipped.

Pics from my agricultural land:

Sesame Land:

Pomegranate tree:



Touch-me-not : Most of you might not aware this .When you touch this leaf it will automatically close.But later it will get open automatically.

Paddy Land:

If now am in the age of 20 then I will definitely start Study some SAP courses Because I was in to SAP Profession bit late. Because after Getting into SAP my career was drastically changed ?.

5 Things which i want to achieve

1.My user name in SAP SCN should end with 

2.Need to Travel around the word & take nature Photos. Another three will be in  next BIF,

Parents taught:

My dad never  told to study the books in my home (even during exam days )during my school and college days,Only He will  say to mom is Hey don't force him to study. If he studies well then he will working in good company in any f the country i this world else he will only work with us in our Land itself.(Above pic) .This words made me changes in studies.But now i am managing both agricultural work and profession as well.

I always love to to taking the photos of nature (Can see above shots)

Even the day may start/ends  without  taking coffee/tea  but not reading Question and blogs in SAP community will never.

I am forwarding this blog  to Susan Keohan. Hi Sue You can also share something interesting (Because nobodies knows me who are all replied/commented  in your blog ie Blog It Forward – the Sequel!

Have a Lengthy Blogitforward

BIF Chain begins ?


Prasath E