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I am excited to write this BIF and thanks to pradeep.kumar5 for sending me request.

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A Glimpse into my Life

My name is Pranav Nagpal. I was born and brought up in Nainital (Uttarakhand), India. I will always be grateful to the Almighty for giving me birth in a place no less than heaven :smile: . I pursued my school level education from Nainital itself and my Bachelors from Dehradun, India. Living and studying in a place where you are always surrounded by mountains, a huge lake,  birds all over the sky and what not but the best climate is a dream come true for me. Well considering the fact of being born among the mountains, I have always been passionate about Trekking. Yes, you are right Trekking is my greatest hobby :cool: and I love admiring the beautiful nature, sitting beside it. Seeing the sun rises, the sun sets, the flowing rivers and waterfalls, especially the walk, the silent talk and hearing the beautiful sounds while moving across the jungle gives me an inner peace which has always motivated me to think deeply about my Life and how I should mould it while I step forward in this beautiful journey of life.

Oh Dear why should I write this!!!  But yes, I am a Teetotaler :razz: . So please don’t offer me drink if we ever meet :razz: .

Friends – A Part & Heart of Life

I love making friends and I mean it. Friends  are the one who have made my life colorful and so I dedicate my own work to them (hopefully someone from them is reading it ) :razz: :

Some friends try to dictate your life & try to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right,

Some friends meekly follow you, not caring whether your part is false or true,

Some friends are those who you don’t really know but just people to whom you say Hello,

Some friends are temporary, who will abandon you in a hurry,

But some friends are exceptional, who’ll stand by you through every peril,

Whose names brings hope in your heart even though they are far apart,

I yearned for such a friend and then I got you who’s stuck till the end,

Who believed in me, who thought like me and guess what, you were the next best thing.

:smile: :lol: :razz: :wink: :neutral: :cool:  

My College Frnzzzz

Sihagad Fort Trek-Pune

SAE Aero Design 2012 Team - Representing India (Won the NASA Systems Engineering Award :smile: )

A trip to Pune outskirts.....

Happy New Year 2014!!!


Office Time :razz:

People say -You always get what lies in your fate and so came Infosys in my life. I joined Infosys Ltd. as a fresher in February 2013 and have been working for it since the past 1.8 years. The huge campus, mega buildings, the work culture, the sports facilities and specially the time to time events (sports, music, fashion, dance, family fests, etc.) which showcase your talent or rather give you a platform to bring out the hidden talent are some of the things which keep me tied to Infosys. Infosys has given me an opportunity to work and explore on SAP Enterprise Portal Technology. Working here has earned a lot of good friends, which I can say whole heartedly are amongst the best people I have come across in my life.

A dive into my hometown -Nainital

It's a little bit cloudy and sunny

In the lights :smile:

It's Snow Time :smile:

My School- St. Joseph's College

My College - UPES

In response to questions asked by pradeep.kumar5 in his BIF:

1. Your idea of perfect day ?

I would like to start off my day by getting up early in the morning. Fresh up, get into my track suit and start a walk towards the highest peak of my home town. Just me alone or else my dog can accompany me. Enjoying the beautiful sun set , the cool breeze with ear phones plugged in and yes capturing some selfies would definitely add on to this walk. After the walk- a healthy breakfast followed by an hour or two playing the Soccer Tournament on my play station. Then I would prefer hearing some soft music along with the best lunch i.e., cooked by my mother. Post lunch I would sleep for some time, then watch a Salman Khan movie and in the evening catch up with my friends to get my hands on some street food. The evening crowd is always an eye candy especially on weekends. The last ¼ th of the day would preferably be something like this- Get into your newest clothes probably the evergreen black suit (always gives a gentlemen look), buy a bouquet of fresh roses and step towards the best restaurant in the city. A table reserved for the two of us. Yes, the 2nd person is none other than the girl of your life. The ambience of the restaurant and the music should just be perfect to have a romantic dinner, the intimate talks and moving to the beats on the dance floor. The three letter word would be an icing on the cake to end this perfect day.

2. If earth is invaded with aliens, who (super heroes) would be in your team?

Super Heroes are a myth- they look good only in movies. But in case the earth is invaded with aliens I would want ‘Bear Grylls’ from the famous TV show ‘Man V/S Wild’ to be in my team. I treat him as a super human. He is a born survivor and can easily help me escape the extraordinary situation of aliens invading the earth.

Hope the readers like the blog. :smile:

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