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Hello, World! Hallo, Welt! Witam, Świecie!

Thanks vitaliy.rudnytskiy for nominating me and finally get me to write my first post after 10 years of reading what others community members write 😄  It took me three months to find vene but finally it worked out.

About me…I'm:

  • Wrocław (Poland) inhabitant,

  • Capgemini employee,

  • SAP technical architect,

  • SAP Book author,

  • University of Economy lecturer

BIF questions…

…from susan.keohan list and from Witalij post.

Share a fun fact about yourself

On one SAP implementation project I decided not to shave myself till project successful end. I haven't shaved myself for 5 years. 😄

What do you like the most about the city you live and work in?

I really like Old Town and pubs/restaurants that are located on the main square. I can recommend a Dom Whisky where you can try single malt and smoke cigar:

What was your biggest surprise/discovery while organizing/attending community events so far?

You will never know how many people will actually come to event. Sometimes bad weather means nobody will come and sometimes you need organize additional chairs.


What is your hobby or favorite activity outside of the work?

I'm big ciggars and scotisch single malt fan. You can find me every Thursday from 18:00 here:


The next BIF nominations are…

…my friends and coworkers

  • tomasz.p.wilk (Capgemini co-worker and SAP Dev Hero)

  • wciesielski (fellow SAP Book co-author)

  • 0020286334 (Capgemini co-worker and active Commmunity Member)

  • sheinit (ex co-worker and SAP Mentor)

Please follow susan.keohan‘s BIF sequel post and answer:

  • You’re a mad scientist, what scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren’t an issue?

  • If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?


Best Regards!
- Paweł Grześkowiak