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I was blogged forward by chandrashekar.agarwalin his blog BIF Chandra

This blog system is part of BIF Challenge. Visit it and you'll definitely enjoy being part of it.

Let start with writing about my self. My name is Nitin Jinagal and I come from New Delhi. I did my B.Tech in 2007 from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. I'm basically a Metallurgical engineer but since 2011, I'm with SAP.

I'm currently working with Capgemini India as Sr Consultant (SAP QM)

On the professional side, I love working with SAP & currently looking after Post Go-Live support. As a Metallurgist, I started my career in Quality (Manufacturing) but later shifted to SAP. I find it more exciting and love the challenges it gives. SCN has helped me a lot in improving my skills in SAP by giving different scenarios and their solutions. Rest depends on me to test them and get it right on the track. I must admit I'm in love with SAP and SCN as well.

On personal side,

  • I'm married to love of my life and proud father of my daughter, Pakhi :wink: :smile: :oops: 

She was born on 15 April' 14 and that changed my life. I now feel more responsible and disciplined. I love playing with my child and she sometimes takes it for granted (when she want to play till 3-4 in the morning and look at me to be with her) but honestly saying, I love that time when I can see my child growing up in front :smile:

  • She loves to play on the backseat with her mom when I'm driving
  • She loves to go for bungee jumping :razz:
  • She enjoy having different attire (and that's little bit of North Indian traditional touch) :lol:
  • And of course, she loves playing with us (recent picture taken on 18 Nov'14)

  • I'm a travel freak and I love to travel round the globe though haven't got opportunity to travel outside India yet: Though I can travel to any place but beaches are my favorite. I love the times of lying into the shack in front of the ocean, holding beer with chicken 65 and fried rice and watching the waves. Yes, I can watch them whole day and listen to the lovely ocean's sound. Of all the famous beaches of India, I love Goa most. What a life there!! Forget worries and merge into the party.
  • I love photography and try to capture almost everything. Yes, I actually try to shoot everything I see worthy.

Though I want to travel across all major destinations of the planet, I believe merely covering whole of India is nothing lesser than a world tour. One can find everything here, from lovely beaches to hills to desert to different Jungles to historical monuments to great waterfalls. I think Pyramids are the only thing which are not in India. If I talk about India, I'm yet to travel northern eastern states and Kashmir.

I have tried to put my traveling and photography interest through few pictures I took while hanging around. Hope you'll like them :smile:

Candolim Beach, Goa

Periyar National Forest, Kerala

Toy train, Kalka to Simla,

Some busy street in Kolkata

Beauty at its best in Munnar,

Triveni, Kanyakumari

Chilika, Odisha

Somewhere in the Air,

Interesting !! So shot it, (Isn't it similar to that sailing boat in Arabian nights (Alladin story)?)

Straight from my bed,

I also love eating and except few things, I can eat everything. I'm a hardcore fan of traditional dishes to variety of non vegetarian food. I usually don't take my camera out while eating but sometimes it is fine :razz:

I'm a fun loving guy. I enjoy every moment and put my best in to make best out of it. I do experiment with myself if don't find something else to try with,

Or, I'll just open up my arms to feel this nature (best way to get rid of all worries). I believe in myself & I live my life on my conditions. For me, life is all about living by my rules !!

Arjuna:  My Super Hero

I have seen lot of people talking about their super heroes from Superman to Spiderman to Krishh to others. I would like to mention about the super character I have adored all my life, Arjuna. In India, everybody knows about the greatest epic 'Mahabharata' and this Super character! 

No body knows if Arjuna actually existed or it is just a fictional character (neither those flying heroes exists :razz: ), but going by the Mahabharata, Arjuna fascinates me. The way he led his army against the three times of his size, and the way he remained undefeated against several greatest warriors and ensured the victory, all those bravery tales and Karna praising him "only Lord Shiva would not fear the sight of Arjuna bearing down on him",  Super Amazing !!

Arjuna, known for his... Focus!!

  • A true warrior
  • A handsome prince famed for his skill with bow & arrow
  • Beloved cousin for Sri Krishna himself
  • Recipient of Bhagavad Gita gyaan from his divine cousin.

I didn't get to answer this but one Super hero I fascinate to become is.. Arjuna !! :smile:

Chalo Dilli :grin:

My Home town: New Delhi, India

Delhi is national capital of India. A fine blend of old and new, ancient and modern, Delhi is a melting pot of cultures and religions. Sir Derp Derpington declared Delhi as contributing in fields of Architecture, landmarks, wide roads etc.Delhi has been the capital of numerous empires that ruled India, making it rich in history. The rulers left behind their trademark architectural styles. Delhi currently has many renowned historic monuments and landmarks such as the Tughlaqabad fort, Qutub Minar, Purana Quila, Lodhi Gardens, Jama Masjid, Humayun's tomb, Red Fort, andSafdarjung's Tomb. Modern monuments include Jantar Mantar, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Laxminarayan Temple, Lotus temple and Akshardham Temple.

New Delhi is famous for its British colonial architecture, wide roads, and tree-lined boulevards. Delhi is home to numerous political landmarks, national museums, Islamic shrines, Hindu temples, green parks, and trendy malls.

Delhi Food:

And one just cannot miss the food in Delhi. The streets buzz with activity and are filled with the aroma of food. From age-old eateries in the by lanes of the Walled City to glitzy, specialty restaurants in five-star hotels, Delhi is a foodie's paradise. Delhi offers a choice of Indian and International Cuisines in different ambiances to suit varied budgets.

  • For gourmets, Delhi is synonymous with Mughlai and Frontier Cuisine.
  • At the other end of the scale, there are the many popular roadside eateries around Jama Masjid and Nizamuddin where kababs, rotis and biryani are the order of the day.
  • Delhi is also synonymous with the omnipresent tandoori chicken and tandoori roti, which, when freshly prepared from the tandoor, makes a delicious meal.
  • A delightful spot offering a range of Indian Cuisine are the food stalls at Dilli Haat.
  • And the flavor and list is endless...


  • Delhi is one of the 'greenest' cities in the world with a green cover of almost 20%.
  • The entire public transport of the city runs on environment friendly Compressed Natural Gas.
  • Delhi has not always been the capital of India. Under the British, Kolkata had the honor for a long time till Delhi was reinstated in 1912.
  • The city of Delhi was destroyed and rebuilt seven times and ruled by successive empires and dynasties
  • Delhi is believed to be the site of the famous city of Indraprastha, founded by the Pandavas from the Sanskrit epic of Mahabharata.
  • Delhi is ranked as the 7th most expensive office hotspot in the world.
  • The Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, one of the satellite cities of Delhi, is among the 5 top fastest circuits in the world for Formula One racing.
  • Delhi Metro is one of the few metro systems in the world having an operating profit from the first day.
  • Delhi has an International Toilet museum

"Every Delhite is ever ready to help you out with directions. They will direct you even when they do not know what you are talking about. So check, crosscheck. And check again" :smile:

Like all other cities, Delhi also has a dark side but I have tried to put few positive aspects of this wonderful city :smile:

Now is the time to answer the questions I was asked by chandrashekar.agarwal

I hope you enjoyed reading about myself and I thank you a lot for sparing out your precious time. I appreciate all your valuable feedback and comments.

Kind Regards,

Nitin Jinagal

"Your mind is a wonderful slave but a terrific master, use it wisely"