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This blog is part of the “Blog it Forward” challenge. At the beginning, I would like to thank diana.mihaylova who Blog it Forward to me.

I will begin with short introduction:

Hi, I am nedyalko.yotov thank you for reading this blog. I am currently Associate Developer in Net Weaver KM Team @SAP Labs Bulgaria. I am also a Software Engineering student in Sofia University.


I was born in 1992 in the small town of Vidin, Bulgaria. When I was a little child I loved to paint, play football and ride a bike. When I start studying Mathematics in school I start to dream to work numbers, lot of information and to solve difficult problems.
In my high school I was introduced to the word of computers and programming and it changed me a lot. There I met for the first time my big teenage love – JAVA. And I start to learn how the software is really made, not only the coding, but also the whole process of defining, validating and verifying the software and I start a Bachelor Degree in Software engineering.


During second year in University, I applied for Internship Program in SAP. Here is the moment to thank my manager nedyalko.dobrev for giving me a chance to start my career in SAP. During my Internship program, the whole team and especially my mentor - velislav.velkov helped me a lot to learn a lot new technologies and helped me to understand that it is not only the everyday tasks that should be done perfect - you should work with collaboration with others and never stop improve yourself technically to be more effective.
In SAP I have an opportunity to learn new technologies, attend to different courses and most important – in SAP I have a chance to meet inspiring, motivated and nice colleagues every day. I build strong friendship with them and we meet, call and write even when we are not at office.


Before couple of weeks I was on the #bestEventEver – SAP InnoJam at CeBIT, Hanover. Thanks to awesome SAP University Alliances Team and ann.rosenberg for organizing it and for choosing me to be part of it. During the event I met more than 70 students from 15 countries and we create friendships that we least for a long time.

I have also to thank my whole team – TEAM 7 (huang.hua, Zoran Lisovac, valentin.mezev, Leonard Nurnberg, jaroslaw.zdanowski, sierra.yang, Quan Xiaotong and Zong Maggie)– You were amazing! For all of the Design Thinking process, 32 hours of coding (using SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAPUI5) and presentation at final stage, we managed to hold our team spirit high and work together.

Greetings to the other #InnoJammers - continue to innovate and inspire people around you. I hope that we will meet again soon. :smile:


Describe yourself with 3 words?
Ambitious, confident and methodical.

What do you dream of?

I dream to become an expert in SAP technologies and to create and design new products – I think that we are building the future with innovation, fast technologies and simplicity, our applications work with Big Data, make calculation and statistic and everything with information – stored in Cloud and represent all this to our Customers in elegant and simple SAP Fiori interface.
I also dream to stay surrounded by clever, inspiring, creative and helpful people, because people around us, shape the person that we are.

Which do you prefer – an ugly victory or a beautiful defeat? Why?

A beautiful victory. My goal is allays to be a winner, but to win with style, knowledge, excellence, respect to others and to win it such way, that in the end all my rivals stand and give a strong ovation.

Me@Blog it Forward

Now it is my turn to blog it forward to shrikirti.tiwariluitwieler, @Zoran_Lisovac, sophia.shan dimcho and @Nicolas_Goris.

1. When did you first use SAP Technologies? Which is your favorite one?
2. Which is your favorite moment from InnoJam this year?
3. How do you see yourself in five years?

Thank you for your time! Regards,