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Former Member

My SCN mate.... that is a social site too now huh.....

arindam.mondal asked me to join the 'Blog it forward' challenge.... and how can you turn down such a request.

Thank you for giving this opportunity to me Arindham...

Well here goes nothing.

Name is  'Mohammed Yakub Shah'  and am a Principal Consultant at SEAL Infotech Pvt. Ltd. I am into SAP Technical since 10 years now and still have a new thing to learn every single day.

Thats me at a project in Delhi.....

I am married and have 1 son and very very very cute....

I love to watch cartoons [still a kid at heart I suppose] and the experience is unmatchable when you do it with you kid...

Playing Video games is another hobby of the Duo specially like Prince of Persia, God of War... makes my wife go crazy... but can't help :smile:

My City : Mumbai

Born and brought up here it is one of the most lively place on earth..... don't have words to express it ... I won't even try.

Now for the questions :

1) What are the best experiences that you had while being part of this community?

Well the BIF adds to the best experience .... You get to learn new things every moment here and get to know people you wouldn't have know....

Most queries make you  scratch your brain and really think in the other persons shoe.... makes you SMARTER I suppose.

2) What are the hobbies or activities that you enjoy most?

Well I guess I answered this already Playing Video Games...... and Cricket if time pemits very rare being a consultant :smile:

In keeping the BIF going, I am asking the following questions:

  1. What would you be if not an SAP Consultant ?
  2. What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

Friends please answer the call




And finally raymond.giuseppi