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My thanks go to samuli.kaski4 for BIF to me from his BIF Blog It Forward - Samuli Kaski "because my last name is so utterly cool" :razz: . Before starting, I must confess I'm a self-declared 'enemy' of the entire social-media/social-network stuff, thus there won't be any personal pics and the whole thing won't be as detailed as most of the BIFs I've seen so far, but oh well, here we go.

A small introduction

I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany; went to school there, did an in-firm apprenticeship there and I'm still there, so I guess you could say "Ich bin ein Erz-Berliner" :razz: . The apprenticeship I did would probably translate into "IT-Specialist in System Integration" and covered pretty much about every field that would be available when you choose to specialize as a BA in IT (but not as in-depth you would have in a BA degree of course). The fields I was especially good in and that excited me the most were networks, server-environments/landscapes and stuff like that; and so, as a logical consequence, after I was done, I was offered a job as an application developer!  ... which brings me here, since an SAP ERP system landscape serves as the foundation I work/develop in. In my first months I was mostly busy cursing (I'm quite hot-blooded..) since the SAP-world has its own level of complexity and oh, its terminology....

I won't ever be able to take the word "business" seriously anymore, but then there isn't much I really take seriously (least myself, which those might know who read some of my content on SCN..)... anyway, by now I think I arrived safe and sound within the whole SAP-madness and think it suits me quite well - it's challenging, yet fun; makes a good mix :smile: . So much for the introductional part; by its reasonable length you might already assume I'm not that 'ye old-established', indeed I'm in my twenties.

Fun fact about myself

I'm a young guy in IT-business and I don't own a smartphone, neither do I use facebook, twitter, xing or anything alike. Instead I rant about those whenever I find the time like a grumpy old man. I leave it to you, whether you find this funny or rather tragic/weird.


Now to answer Samuli's questions:

What do you enjoy doing most in your life? In your free time, besides work that is?

To quote Nietzsche, "Without music, life would be a mistake.". I'm a hobby-percussionist; I've played in all kinds of amateur bands (drumset) from Metal, Rock, Jazz to Fusion, Funk etc. and all kinds of amateur orchestras (drumset, mallets, timpani, other unutterable percussion instruments). I enjoy all kinds of music there is and can spend unlimited time with it; except popular music these days!... but let's keep the old grumpy man in check  ...

If you could meet any person, live or dead who would you want to meet?

I'd probably raise Mitch Mitchell from the dead and ask him to have a jam session; damn.. he was the man! :<

Have you ever considered working in a non-SAP business? If yes, what held you back and if no why not?

Gimme a break! I just recently got a hunch of what I'm doing! D-;

That's all folks. Now I want to Blog It Forward to:

  • sally.redmond, because she's an incredible knowledge carrier in the module FI-TV which I'm currently working in 70% of my work time
  • julius.vondembussche (who got tagged numerous times already, but probably doesn't have the time), because he is awesome
  • jan.thomasnygaard, whom I collaborated a lot with on the forums and simply am curious to know more about him
  • otto.gold, whose content I really enjoyed and hope he will BIF too (he also got tagged twice already :razz: )
  • andr.sousa, who seems unobtrusive most of the time on the forums and predominantly opens discussions, but he is one of those people who know exactly what they want, what/how to ask, how to discuss a subject and what do to - and that is just what makes SCN great and fun; it's practically the very opposite of "hi cheers, I have error, please do the needful for the same"
  • and last but not least siddharth.rajora, one of the Mods of the ESS subforums, who contributes an incredible amount of content, mostly in answering discussion threads with his vast knowledge. I'm very careful with the word 'Expert', but he definitely proves to be one every day.

Questions for you (if you like):

What do you like most about your job with SAP and what situations can make you furious?

What do you enjoy doing most in your life? In your free time, besides work that is? ( I'll pass that on, Samuli, it's a good one :razz: )