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Hi guyz!

Thanks a lot gajesh.nagesh for including me in your BIF..You may check his blog here Blog it Forward - Gajesh Nagesh.. :smile:

This blog is a part of the Blog It Forward (BIF) challenge started by moshe.naveh / moshe.naveh2..Follow and update the Blog It Forward Chain once you have already posted your BIF blog..If you want to join, please edit this blog Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table and add your name in the last row..Or you may comment below and I will include you in my "Blog It Forward" list.. :wink:

Me and my Company:

Two (2) months after I graduated and passed the licensure examination of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE) last November 2011, I started working as SAP BW consultant in San Miguel Information Technology Services (SMITS)..It is a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation (SMC), one of the biggest holding companies in the Philippines..I am currently deployed in SMC's oil refinery firm as SAP BW developer and support..Right now, the firm is having a Proof of Concept (POC) from various vendors in preparation for their BIG DATA..I hope they will choose SAP HANA (fingers crossed.. :razz: ) since it will surely be a new challenge and experience for me as a young professional..From what I have heard, there are currently two (2) companies implementing SAP HANA in the Philippines so they will be the 3rd one in case they chose it..

https://www.contactcenterworld.com/images/company/SMITS-largex5-logo.png  http://image.made-in-china.com/0f0j00dBNQtuIhJHYP/San-Miguel-Yamamura-Packaging-Corporation.jpg

Main Office


My Country:

My country, Philippines, consists of 7, 107 islands which are divided into three (3) groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao..These are divided into 17 regions, 81 provinces, 144 cities, 1,491 municipalities, and 42,028 barangays..



Flag of the Philippines


Seal of the Philippines



Republic of the Philippines

"For God, People, Nature, and Country"

English and Filipino (Tagalog) are the official languages of my country..Both are used in government, education, print, broadcast media, and business..However, most people outside cities do not speak much English..In most towns, either Tagalog or the local dialect is spoken..

The Philippines is named in honor of King Philip II of Spain..As a result of Spanish cultural influence, more than 90% of the population is Christian..

Facade of Manila Cathedral


Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan


Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries and some of the popular dishes include lechon, adobo, sinigang, kare-kare, tapa, crispy pata, pancit, lumpia, and halo-halo..Unlike many of their Asian counterparts, Filipinos do not eat with chopsticks; they use Western cutlery..However, the main pairing of utensils seen at the Filipino dining table is that of spoon and fork, not knife and fork..The traditional way of eating with the hands known as "kamayan" is seen more often in less urbanized areas..



***a dessert made of ice, milk, various fruits, and ice cream



My Hometown:

I'm currently living in the capital city of the Philippines which is Manila of National Capital Region..But my hometown is in Bulan, Sorsogon of Bicol Region..From Manila, I can reach my hometown after traveling 16 hours by land OR 1 hour by plane and additional of 3 hours by land (short distance huh? :grin: )..



Bicol region has so many festivals but one of the festivals celebrated by the whole Bicol region is the "Our Lady of Peñafrancia Festival"..It is celebtrated on the third Saturday of September in Naga City..Bicolanos (name of people living in Bicol region) from all walks of life will be in Naga City to meet their relatives and friends, share food, drinks, and prayers with them, and most of all, to pay homage and make thanksgiving to the Virgin of Peñafrancia, whom the Bicolanos fondly call "Ina"..The annual feast of the Virgin of Peñafrancia, the Patroness of Bicolandia, is celebrated through an annual fluvial procession..The Regional Civic Parade and Regional Military Parade are also held on the feast..



Fluvial Parade




Regional Civic Parade



Regional Military Parade



Personal Questions:

Aside from SCN, what site(s) do you usually visit to while away your time?

I usually visit an online chess site to play and solve daily puzzles..I started playing chess since I was four (4) years old..Aside from the enjoyment I get in playing chess, I also meet different people of different ages and nationalities..

I also enjoy joining several warez forums to download movies, games, software, etc.. :grin:

Currently I am a moderator of some of these warez forums..

I love visiting various online forums to interact, gain, and share some knowledge in different areas..I also develop my interpersonal skill by mingling with people from different countries.. :smile:




Goals you wanted to achieve in SCN? (WISH LIST with deadline - must be achieved on or before YEAR 2020)

1. Be able to achieve the MEGA ANSWER SUPER HERO badge.. :grin:

2. Be a MEMBER OF THE MONTH.. :grin:

3. Be on the number 1 spot in 12-month leaderboard of any category.. :grin:

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

Every time I visit SCN, I am always excited to see different queries regarding BW since I can use the experiences I had to help members..SCN also allows me to discover new concepts and scenarios which can assist me if ever I encounter problems in the future..

What will be my career if I am not a BW consultant?

If I am not a BW consultant I would be a network engineer because the latter was the position I applied for when I passed my resume to SMITS..However, during that time, the network engineer position has no vacancy so they gave me the SAP BW consultant position..I think it was a blessing in disguise since I am already enjoying my career now! :grin:

How did you know SCN?

During my 1st year as SAP BW consultant, my team lead shared to me that he used to visit SCN when he had free time..He told me that he has learned a lot from it, that's why last June 2012 (5 months after I started this career), I joined SCN and I have proven his words since I really am learning much in this forum.. :smile:

Answers for the questions in BIF of Gajesh:

a) Hows SAP has changed your Life?

---Because of SAP I was able to work for one of the biggest holding companies in the Philippines as SAP BW consultant..

b) Whether you would like to grow technically or be into the Project management level?

---I prefer to grow technically since I think managing people will get me bored.. :lol:

I love more doing the "work" rather than teaching people what to do..

c) The best Place that you would like to be?

---In five (5) years, I would like to be a "technical" team lead who does not only give instructions but also does the work..

I like to BLOG IT FORWARD the members I look up to in this forum (if they didn't create one yet):





"Blog It Forward" list: (please comment below if you like me to BLOG IT FORWARD you) :smile:














Here is the list of questions for the members above:

1. What do you usually do when you are at home?

2. Which do you prefer: (A) jack of all trades, master of none, or (B) jill of all trades (kidding.. :grin: ) - master of one?

3. What is/are your favorite sport(s) or online game(s) which you are addicted to?

Sorry if my blog is too long..Hope you will enjoy reading my BLOG-IT-FORWARD entry.. :razz:

Thanks a lot for reading.. :smile:

Loed Despuig


Achieved my 3rd goal in SAP Business Explorer Space.. :smile:

- August 2015