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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

alona.oshri was really funny when she dropped by yesterday to ask if she could blog it forward to me. I'm actually pretty shy when talking about myself so I was a little sheepish when she asked.  However, I thought to myself that the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain have been so interesting so far that I wouldn't want to miss out on the fun. (Besides, at the rate this is spreading, I'm sure my name would come up at some point down the line!)

A Little About Me

I'm a native Montrealer now living in Israel.  I left my native city 10 years ago this month to work in China and later on in central Mexico before moving to Tel Aviv seven years ago, each stop being progressively warmer and dryer than the one before, which is really funny considering I'm a Pisces.

McGill University is my alma matter and my first profession was a project manager in the fashion industry; denim jeans, to be exact. I have to admit I've still got a soft spot for the color blue but I've become equally passionate about SEO over the past few years while working for SAP.  About my work at SAP, I've been a library content specialist since I joined five years ago and I'm the lead for all video content on SCN.  I'm also a content strategist and the SEO lead for SCN so if you can't find something, let me know :wink: .

Alona's blog left me with some interesting questions to answer. I really wish she asked me something easy like "where to download movie maker" or "how to optimize for search engines her blog" but, alas, here we go...

Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work

It would be easy to answer Google, and not just for the search engine: they've got tons of useful free resources to help with SEO and more: Google Custom Search for SCN, Google Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster tools and all the related forums to name just a few.

However, what I really want to mention as sources of information that help me in my work are my colleagues who I can count on at any time of day for an answer. SCN is really, really big and it takes a team effort to keep it running.  I started listing everyone but I realized that I will certainly forget someone so just have a look at the left column on the People page on About SCN under Space Administrators.

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

Ah...the beauty of hindsight. I'm actually really happy with my degree and not because of what it was for but because it prepared me to be a lifetime learner. I really think that is the most valuable lesson anyone can learn because there isn't always a curriculum for jobs that will be available in 5--10 years time (or more).

I think a couple of regrets I have are not pursuing more structured certificate courses for topics related to my work: some more specialized knowledge on certain topics would have really come in handy.

What is your professional life dream?

I got the best piece of career advice when I was 18 and running a dinning hall for senior citizens on vacation in the Laurentians. One of the staff membes had a husband that worked for General Motors and his job was to replace workers that were sick or on vacation so he had to know how to perform every job on the production line. He told me that it didn't matter what you do in life but that you should be the very best at whatever it is.  So, along those lines, I'll be happy professionally when I'm recognized as a topic expert for whatever it is I do.

Blogging it forward to...

I'd like to continue the chain with...




Here's are some questions:

  • What do you enjoy most from your work and why?
  • What have you learned from your mistakes?
  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
  • What makes you run? (What are you passionate about)

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