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Hello everyone! Cześć wszystkim!


Thanks vitaliy.rudnytskiy for challenging me to write this blog post and sorry for waiting for so long. 🙂

About me

I come from small village near city Kozienice in Poland. For studies I moved to Warsaw and was leaving there till last autumn. Right now I am proud citizen of beautiful city in southern Poland, Kraków, where -from time to time-  I am organizing SAP Stammtisch meetings. We are thinking about another events, so I hope you will hear more about us soon!

Here is the photo taken in Kraków near 1 of 100 famous Christmas shed. 🙂


Fun fact about me

To make my life more complicated, right now each week (Monday-Thursday) I am working in "the place" for all SAP enthusiast, Waldorf in Germany. 🙂 When I am not travelling, most probably I am doing some sports (gym, climbing, hiking).

What do you like the most about the city you live and work in?

I love Kraków for it's architecture. It looks like a city straight out of a Disney movie. Cobbled streets lined with horse-pulled carriages, beautiful squares surrounded by pretty buildings and churches. Charming old Town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What was your biggest surprise/discovery while organizing/attending community events so far?

Attending fist SiT I was surprised how interesting this event is! I thought that to hear (and see) so advanced solutions I need to go for some big and expensive conference.

What is your hobby or favorite activity outside work?

I love climbing on via ferrata. I am travelling each year to different country to do it. Here are some photos from via ferrata in France.



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