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Former Member

My Colleague and Social Media Trainer, marcusm asked me to start writing a blog and take part in the "Blog It forward" initiative. It is one of a innovative way to learn about the blogging process on SCN. 

I am currently a VP of Industry Business Solutions and learning to leverage Social Media to reach out to my customers.

Here are the few questions Mark asked me to answer.

What was your Dream Job as a Kid ?

As a kid, I always wanted to be Big Game Hunter. I was always fascinated by the Wild Kingdom episodes where they hunted tigers and bears.  I had the opportunity to live my teenage years on a farm in Tennessee and got my first gun at age 12. It was a single shot 20 gauge shotgun.  I always ate anything that I killed.  Now I have the opportunity to go Pheasant hunting each year in South Dakota with Technology Executives from around the country.

What is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place would be London England. I worked for a Rolls Royce company and traveled to London at least once a month for 3 years.  I am a fan of Ben Franklin and visited his only remaining residence still standing located in downtown London (note the marker enlarged from the picture to the left).