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Former Member

After I go through Ravi Sankar Venna blog, I was motivated to post this blog. My special thanks to Ravi Sankar Venna for motivating me. Also I want to congratulate him for SCN Member of the Month.

My SCN Experience ℹ :

I don’t have any idea about blogs & documents  :???: . When I started sharing documents and blogs in SDN. I have faced lots of issue while posting documents and blogs. Received good as well as bad comments  :shock: . Initially, many moderators helped me to understanding the concept. I need to thank especially all the moderators who helped in various occasions. Sharing knowledge is easier that sharing right contents to right people. Many SDN followers and Moderators supported me to reach up to Silver level in SCN Contribution. I need to thank all of them who motivate me. :smile:


Few words about me and myself :smile: :

I am Hari Suseelan. I live in one of the most beautiful cities of South India, Bangalore. I have been using and doing this computer Job from around 9 years if memory serves correctly.

I was born in Chennai. I have spent my entire childhood over there only, schooling and college too. As I fall into October, it makes me Scorpio.

About My Educational Life :wink: :

I shall start with revealing a little secret. Mostly people around me think that I am so much intelligent. I never could understand why because there is never anything that I did so that I can feel the same too. So with that fact, let me share my educational life so far. I did my graduation from University of Madras, Chennai in Commerce stream. Besides that, I was also trying my hands with these computer applications. Somehow, I got so much interested in it only. So I opted for my Masters in Computer Applications only. As I went more and more deep in this IT arena, I tried my hands with mostly everything. At the end, I got myself focused towards Oracle, Java and SAP. I am learning and doing computer work. How’s that?

My Life:  3:3:2004 (Son's Birthday)

My Interests :razz: :

Yes I do have interests beyond the bits and bytes of computer and the list not small at all. So here it goes….

Movies & Television:

I am a Die-hard A/C of Rajinikanth not a fan. :lol:

Using SAP Lumira and Excel Data sources, I have generated some of the graphically represented figures.

Data Geek Challenge: Rajinikanth: Great Living Indian in India Cinema: :cool:

Whenever I am free, I love to watch English & Romantic movies.

Some of the most favorite’s movies are:

•           “The Pursuit of Happyness” :cry:

•           “Titanic” :cry:

Whenever I am watching it, you can catch me watching News, Discovery Channel, NGC, Music channels 


Music is one of the most powerful mediums which effect one’s soul to the deepest    levels. I am a music-buff. Basically I like all kinds of music. But what I am going to hear, it depends on my mood. In general, all type of music are my favorites. In specific, I like soulful, melodious music with lyrics which touch heart and soul. Especially Illayaraja, Rafi, Kishore Kumar.

Some of my favorite songs are a mix from both old and new times.

  • “Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hai” :cry:
  • “O Sathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jina” :cry:

     I always use to cry and remember my DAD whenever I hear the above songs, Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh. :cry:


I am a die-hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar. I practiced it for almost 10 years, Besides Cricket, I love swimming. Some people say that it’s like time waste; I don’t accept that and play Cricket if you are an Indian.

Reading :

I read a lot of SAP forum, blogs, articles & documents. Yes now when I have started learning SAP PI 7.3, most of my time is taken in reading SAP PI manuals.

My Hobbies:

  • Collection of Stamps, Coins & Currencies. 
  • Swimming :smile:
  • Dancing :cool:
  • Mimicry

My Latest Dance Video:

Rajinikanth Lungi Dance - YouTube

My Photos: