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Hello All,

Welcome to my Blog it Forward. Thanks to dev.patra for the BIF invite.

Let me introduce myself.


I was born and brought up in God’s own country, Kerala,India. If you have seen the AR Rehman Song “Thuhire” from the movie

" Bombay" , the fort, the beach, the greenery ,well that’s describes the geography of my native place.

I did my engineering in polymer engineering, and by virtue of it, got campus placed in one of the Major Tire Industry as a Process Engineer. 3 years I spent on the shop floor learning the manufacturing processes, quality engineering and people management.  Tire industry is one of the industry which requires manpower in bulk even though automations are there. So it was a great experience interacting with more than 100 people every day.


The decision to implement SAP in my company's  manufacturing location changed my life :smile: . I was given the responsibility to work in the core team as QM Team Lead.  The seven month duration that followed, I found that days are longer than nights, seeing the sun & getting the sleep was a rarity ,your workplace became both your sleeping bed and dining table and your only friends where SAP logon, LSWM, BDC, Blueprint, Data collection , data migration and dates and dates and dates ( Repetition is very intentional :lol: ).

But it was fun and I could learn end to end of business in a very short time and that helped me to decide to take SAP as a career.

I started as a QM consultant and as years passed , I was in trance whether to continue as a QM consultant or to get into some other module. I had written a blog on this at that time master-of-one-what-next with an apt reply from michelle.crapo2. I  joined the BW practice and its been 3+ years, and now I can say I am a BW consultant as well. Although I do sort out QM issues, BI has been my main focus currently. I am also into Business Objects now in which my focus has been on Analysis for Excel , Analysis for Olap and Design Studio.

I am currently working in ABB GISL , Bangalore . We have an in-house team cutting across all the modules catering to 18 countries on a single platform. Its truly a success story and countries are getting added every year. Our life here is filled with Business interactions across the Region on daily basis, Roll Outs, Supports, Projects, Enhancement packages and the list goes on.


It was when I took the job of a QM consultant that I started to closely follow SCN network. To start with I got the issue resolved by looking into the answers provided by Gurus. Slowly as an interest I started  to answer some of the question put forward in the forum and then it became a passion. It was a great feeling to be recognized and was thrilled when I received certificate of appreciation from laure.cetin stating  Congratulations on being shortlisted as a Topic Leader in the categories “Enterprise Resource Planning” and “Product Lifecycle Management”!

1.What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

    1. Its almost 7+ years in SAP field now. After taking career as SAP consultant my work has taken me across India,  Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait & recently South Africa. You meet a lot of new people, new culture and new experience.
    2. A lot of information coming to you and you as a person can make a difference to the business.
    3. If you thought you have learned enough in one module, wait for the next day, new issues are waiting for your and thereby new learning's.

2. What do you most enjoy on SCN?

    1. If you are facing some issues in SAP, don’t worry, some body has already faced it. Search in SCN you will get the solution. If not, update the solution, somebody else will benefit from it.

3. Do you know any other cool/very unique solutions related to your topic?

    1. To beginners in BW, understand the requirements functionally, technical things will fall into place.

Blog it forward:

with the below question

a) Hows SAP has changed your Life.

b) Whether you would like to grow technically or be into the Project management level

c) The best Place that you would like to be


Thanks to all for reading my blog. SCN Rocks :smile:

Best Regards

Gajesh Nagesh

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