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Hi all,

Ammmmmm, ok , now it is my turn I guess …..

Since it was forward to me by adi.krysler , I will continue in the same mood and will tell you about my big trip that took place many years ago , but was one of the best time of my life.

I live in Israel in a small village called Beit Hashmonai with my wife Gali and my children Paz 14 years old , Noam 12 and Dani 7 . and also our dog Messi who joined the family during football world cup in 2006.

I work at SAP since 1999, yes it is a long time . We were the first company in Israel acquired  by SAP in 2008 . After that SAP acquired  some more Israelis companies.

We developed and sold our own WMS – Warehouse Management system . Later on we joined Business By Design and developed part of the Production and Logistics modules.

I’m not a developer but more a business expert and these days I’m working in the Visual Composer group in Israel .

For the excuse to put here some nice pics, I can tell you that I traveled the world for 2 years.  I was a security officer on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Islands and visited some of these islands and also in Jamaica, Bermuda, Mexico and some other places.

It was fun on the ship but I decided to do something else and left the ship few weeks before it started an amazing cruise – 52 days around south America . Shame on me :razz:

I came back to Israel and after a short time I left again to travel in India, Nepal , Thailand and then to 1 Year in Sydney Australia – what an amazing place .

We traveled in Australia especially on the east coast and later on in Victoria.

After this great year we left Australia back to India for only 1 month and then back to Israel.

Since then I’m traveling from time to time for short trips but my long trip was a dream.

So let me answer Adi’s questions:

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done- I think I did so many crazy things and I still do, but this is not the place to write about it  :lol:
  • One place in the world you have to see someday- wow , there are so many places I would like to see and visit and I hope I will be able to do it .actually these days we are thinking about flying to the Dominican republic on February for some kite surf vacation .
  • Share something funny about your SAP location office / people in our office – Israel is a crazy place and to live here is quite a crazy thing.  I’m always wondering why in Israel people can’t wait to the people to get out of the elevator and only then to go in . it doesn't work well this way .

These days I’m riding mountain bike : Geared mountain bike, single speed or cyclocross . We have plenty of amazing single tracks in Israel and if you happen to visit us , please contact me and I’ll be happy to show you some of our riding trails.

I also started to do some kitesurfing when we have some wind and snowboarding especially in Austria during the winter.

That’s it ,

I’ll blog it forward to:





Questions… ammm:

Do it free style, write whatever you like…. Enjoy !

   Riding cyclocross with Dani - Sunset in Tel Aviv beach

   Varanasi, India . 1993 . I was young

    DTD- Dusk till Dawn race . Riding all night long. It was fun!

   Snowboarding in Austria

   My family