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My first Blog it Forward, I was tagged by douglas.cezar10 , my community friend whom I truly admire. So lets go.

About me

My name is Fausto Motter, I was born in São Paulo, in 1979, and I’ve been living here since then. Honestly, it’s hard to say where I really live because I’m always travelling to work on projects, so I have already lived in lots of cities and countries but my official home, where is my wife Paula, my daughters Ana Carolina e Gabriella, my stepdaughter Debora...



I am an SD and TM consultant, but I really enjoy technology, so I also navigate through ABAP, Fiori, and other topics that directly or indirectly are related to my work.


Share a fun fact/story about yourself that people don’t know

There’s something about me that only a few people know: I am graduated in Fine Arts. I studied in the Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo when I was still young, in special because I enjoyed comic books and HQs, and my first work as an intern was in an 3D animation studio, that used Silicon Graphics machines (now HP High Performance Computing), using a kind of UNIX called SGI IRIX.

In the end I had more fun working on UNIX than making 3D animations, and then I went to the technology area. I started working with SAP approximately 15 years ago, and when I start to remember my path until here I notice there were sequences of unplanned events that brought me where I am today.

Other point, not so funny but a fact about myself: I don't use tie. I open a productive negotiation to define rate, project, work hour, project city , to decide and prioritize the tasks... but i do not, never, use tie.


Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

It would take more than 10 days writing about all of them, but since I don’t have that time, I’ll right about 3 coworkers that without any doubts helped me a lot in my career, each one in a different way, and I need to mention their names.

chagas.seinspire that is my mentor. He is one of the best guys that I worked on with, and one special person that have fun spending a time to help others.

197f0f77709544a3bdebe98a55f527bb, that was a focal point for the community events, and now I consider him a friend and I admire him a lot. He is talented, dedicated, and has a huge concept of community and collaboration.

319481ee5c07417784f1f1ae49b6371f that has two talents that deserve recognition. He is an excellent programmer, with clear concepts of technology, and he has a didactically teaching method that deserves my respect. Pagoti is a really nice guy to have around, working and out of work.

raquel.pereiradacunha, because... she is she 🙂 Raquel comes in the beginning, and spent efforts to reinforce the community aspects in Brazil. Today, our vibrant community in Brazil is because she and some others started this years ago.

Besides those four, I have an special admiration for many others as bruno.lucattelli , eid.haddad , douglas.cezar10 , jhonjairoteran , diegohdora, phil.cooley  and others, that are talented, dedicated and collaborative spirit, things that, in my opinion, are fundamental in the world we live in


Which is your most favorite travel destination and why?

I’ve always been in love with Paris.

What do you most enjoy about the SAP Community?

SAP Community has a nature of creation and exchange of information that turns the life of all consultants and the ecosystem easier. Curiously lots of my friends are active in the community.


What is your personal life dream?

See my daughters graduate, Gabriella will graduate in med school in 5 semesters and Ana Carolina will become a veterinarian in 3 semesters. Support the evolution of my friend and stepdaughter. And keep strong, walking holding hands with my sweet wife on the beach. Also want my sisters and parents to keep in the positive path they are on. Simple like that.

Well, I also want to do a cycling road trip someday. And I desire have a time to dedicate myself in a religious studies.


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