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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Thanks nabheetscn for nominating me! I am fairly new to the community and I am loving reading all the blogs. This is a great initiative!


I am a Roman living in Germany. I moved to here to do my master degree and I haven’t left since. It has been a little over 10 years.

Professionally I am a born and raised at SAP. My career started in 2011 as a working student. When the openSAP team was created in 2013 I was hired permanently. I do mostly project management, but I am also part of the operations and infrastructure team.

Fun Fact

I hate cheese. After years and years of training I managed to get accustomed to mozzarella, but I can only eat it on pizza, preferably if it is warm… My family tried for years to put cheese in food thinking that I wouldn’t notice… but I always did… Worse attempt was made by my cousins: When we were little, they put Parmesan in vanilla ice-cream. Yuck!

What do you do apart from SAP in your free time

Outside SAP, you’d be likely to see me with sneakers, big earphones and my camera. I love to explore places and take pictures. It gives me peace of mind. I am fascinated by lights, reflections and colors. I hate editing the pictures, so I try to do it as little as possible.



When I am not taking pictures, I’d be most probably on the yoga mat or at the gym dancing the day away.

How do you balance your life between work and family/personal time?

What works for me is to carve out one hour a day in which I do something just for myself, and away from the screen. Also, I have a strict never- work-on-vacation policy, which really helps me recharge.

What would you choose if given a choice between coffee or tea and why

Italian coffee and Indian chai masala?? These are absolutely my favorites! Please don’t make me choose!!

I would like to nominate




My questions are: 

  1. What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

  2. How do you balance your life between work and family/personal time?

  3. If you were given by your work a full day every week to do whatever you feel like, what would it be?