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This is my first Blog it Forward!

I´m delighted that douglas.cezar10 invited me in his Blog to this Blog it Forward series!

(Damir and Douglas at abapGit Bunkai in Weinheim 2018)

What is Blog it Forward?

susan.keohan introduced this Blogging Adventure for all of us with his Starting Blog - Blog it Forward - the Sequel! Big round applause to her and for this fun Blog format!

A few words about me..

(wearing the first time the SAPChampion T-Shirt 2019 in Barcelona 😉 )

My talents related to logical thinking, aesthetics, problem solving, and a big interest in the domain of quality somehow fits into my work as a Software Engineer. I´m owning the company majcon which is based in Munich and providing Services for companies to getting better software.

I´ve done some work in the community. But here I don´t have to mention me, I have to mention the people in the community. Without them, nothing would happen.

Here are some groups where I´m active / invented them

Some Questions

1. What is your hobby?

I have a couple of hobbies. First, of course, it is my family 😉

and then there some things that I have for decades as a hobby:

  • I´m loving playing chess

  • sports - related to martial art

  • Japan

2. What do you enjoy most about your work and why?

Over the years I´ve changed my work into the direction I´d like to have it. This means I like to work with People, work on improving technical excellence, work on Clean Code, Software Craft, and agile and lean development approaches.

Especially I like to produce value for companies by supporting Tech-People and Teams to become outstanding good. This is always like an adventure to me If I will reach this goal. This happened quite often, so I´m very happy and thankful to achieve these goals.

3. What do you imagine or predict is the future of your topic?

I predict a sunny future for topics like High-quality Software, Clean Code or in general Software that is developed state-of-the-art

Why? Why? Why?
It´s difficult and investment in skills and time to program on a higher-level. This is becoming less and less convenient. The Software Teams are under more and more pressure. The Business likes to get faster Feature. The ignoring of technical debt leads to systems that have increased in the number of using technology stacks and reducing in quality because often for this is "no time". But the problem is a different on. There is time, but the ability is not there to program high-quality code.

For those reasons, I´m predicting that in the future the quality-related skills will still be asked. Especially when the Management understands that you can only go faster if you go the quality-way.

The next nominations are

If either of them has already been “done” then I can only apologize...

  • christian.drumm

  • johann.fleitner2

  • christian.guenter

Please choose at least three of questions from susan.keohan list ?