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This is an update from my last Blog It Forward - Craig Snyder - original

I went back to the original post and fixed some links that were broken.

Thank you tammy.powlas3 for tagging me.  (I think).

Tammy's blog it forward Part 2 is here: Tammy - Part 2

Here's the original posting for blog it forward: Original Blog it forward info

Here's the sequel instructions: Sequel to BIF

On to the update:


So its been almost 5 years since the first blog.  It's interesting to stop and take stock of the changes in 5 short years!

So, most of what was in my original BIF is still correct....But...

My wife and I have pretty much given up bike riding. We are still active but frankly, our area is growing and traffic is heavier.  After a member of our bike club was killed on a ride, we kind of started to back off from biking.  😞

I still iike to hike and travel.  Since the last BIF I've hiked in Spain twice.  Most of my hikes and backpacking have been short, local hikes.  Hoping to change that soon and make it a point to do more.

My granddaughter is now six!  Wow! Time flies.

On the unfortunate side, our son Ryan, (her father), has been missing now for over a year.  He had become a heroin addict a few years ago and despite efforts at rehab he's been lost to the streets of Philadelphia.  We keep looking for him, but with each month we lose a bit more hope that he'll ever come back to us.  Having not been able to confirm any sightings of him, or communications from him for over a year now and we fear the worse.  He's not been in contact with any of his friends and he's been totally absent from social media.  We keep looking but....

On a happier note, our other son Tyler got engaged to a wonderful young woman.  We are planning for a 2020 fall wedding.

My wife's mother turned 100 this year and my mother turned 90 this year.  Both are doing pretty good. Looks like you all are going to be stuck with me for a while longer!

We still have our Koi pond.  This pond is now about 5 years old.  It replaced a smaller pond we had for 18 years. Our oldest Koi has now turned 23.   Most of them are between 17-22 yrs old with a few 5-7yr old youngsters.

I'm still very involved with Search & Rescue but I've pretty much stopped doing the fire fighting.  I still drive the hook & ladder when I get a chance, but it's rare now.

i retired my canine partner, Meadow, this past year. She's the black & white one in the pic below.   She'll be 12 in January and has been doing wilderness search since she was a pup.  Time to relax and lay by the fire.  But she still comes out for PR events and we still set up short problems for her at training.  She still loves working and being in the woods.  She's slowed and usually only does no more than a mile or so now on her walks.

Last January we got a new pup to train. Mica is a German Shorthaired Pointer from a hunting kennel with an energy level off the wall.  In the winter its hard to run her at night.  But on the weekends we often do 5-8 miles a day of hiking.  I do from 5-10 but she probably does 15-20 as she is usually every where except on the trail!!  Once spring hits we'll do walks in the evening as well as the weekends.  We've already been away for week long training seminars in Virginia and Western Maryland this past year.

I'm hoping to get her trained and certified by the fall of 2020,  Keeping my fingers crossed!!  She's a challenge!

I've taken up pyrography, (Wood burning) I have a couple of my projects on craig.cmehil post here: Are you a maker?

SAP related, I left the world of independent consulting after 20 years and took a position with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals as an employee.  I'm based in Wilmington, DE so look me up if you ever visit the Philly or Delaware area.  It's a change for me but as I get closer to retirement, it's nice to be local with only occasional travel.  And they've been very supportive of my SAR work.

Ok. that should do it.  I'm good for another 5 years!


Questions forwarded to me by Tammy:

1.  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Please explain how you know.

  • Probably 65% introvert and 35% extrovert.  All depends on the situation. I enjoy traveling, events, parties, etc and I can usually strike up a conversation with just about anyone.  I often don't wait to be introduced.

  • Yet I prefer to work on my own, have my quiet time and places to escape to.  The pyrography is a very calming, solitary, introverted hobby!

2.  Android or Apple?

  • Easy - Apple all the way.

3.  Besides Coffee Corner, what is your favorite space on SAP Community?

  1. QM - Quality Management

  2. Batch Management

  3. Classification

4.  What do you do in your free time?

  • Pyrography

  • Hanging out with, and training with my new canine partner


I'm blogging this challenge forward to:

Frederic Girod

Ervin Szolke

Richard Harper

Caetano Almeida

R Brahmankar

Questions for you:

  1. If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?

  2. What do you do in your free time?

  3. If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

  4. What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why


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